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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 May 2014

* This Mind-Blowing Prototype Shows How Crazy Smartphones Could Look In The Future >>
* This App Lets Friends Track Your Bike Rides to Make Sure You’re Safe >>
* Microsoft Readies a Virtual Assistant for the Corporate World >>

* Steve Ballmer Now Owns More Microsoft Stock Than Bill Gates >>
* America’s next fleet of spaceships will have to double as lifeboats >>
* Spacex will being trying to get the Dragon crew rated in 2014 >>

* New Age of Context book is now funded >>
* Siri’s contextual sister, Tempo, blows away Apple’s iPhone calendar >>
* PARC tour of 2013 (printed circuits, better batteries, contextual systems, and more) >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – May 2, 2014 >>
* Problems with the Big Bang Expanding Universe Theory >>
* Our Solar-System Orbit Through Milky Way’s Dark Matter Disk –Does It Trigger Comet Impacts and Mass Extinctions? >>

* Google Hints It May Toss Long URLs From Chrome >>
* Scientists develop GPS for DNA >>
* Scientists confirm element 117, the heaviest element ever >>

* The Technological Reason Why Cops Shouldn’t Be Snooping Through Smartphones >>
* “Swerve Assist” Algorithm Uses Power Steering and Brakes to Avoid Collision >>
* New Fingerprinting Method Takes a Hard Look at Your Pores >>

* Again SpaceX’s reusable rocket hovers at 3,280 feet before gently landing back to Earth >>
* Samsung to Hold a Health-Related Event on May 28 >>
* Shoestring theory: India’s pioneering $46m space probe is halfway to Mars >>

* First-of-a-kind Kickstarter lawsuit highlights risks of crowd funding >>
* Hawking: AI breakthrough could end civilisation >>

* When the Evidence is on the Cell Phone >>
* Human Media Lab introduces shape-changing smartphone (w/ Video) >>
* World’s smallest, leadless heart pacemaker implanted >>

* Scientists recommend further research, delay in destruction of last stocks of smallpox >>
* NASA sounding rocket to study interplanetary medium >>
* How to win at rock-paper-scissors >>

* How Facebook and Google Could Save Us from Password Hell >>
* Apple Bought A Company That Could Help Save Your iPhone’s Battery Life (AAPL) >>
* Here’s Why Mozilla Is Building A $25 Smartphone >>

* Apple Won’t Announce The iWatch Or The Apple TV At Its Big Event In June (AAPL) >>
* Researches Invented Insect-Sized Robots That Can Swarm Together And Build Just About Anything >>
* A new method of producing large volumes of high-quality graphene >>

* Cochlear Implant Also Uses Gene Therapy to Improve Hearing and electrode triggered gene therapy could improve other machine body connections >>
* Pig hearts could be transplanted into humans after baboon success >>
* Serious worldwide threat to public health noted in WHO’s first global report on antibiotic resistance >>

* Graphene nanoribbons proposed to make thermoelectric materials with efficiency better than gasoline engines to make solid state engines feasible >>
* Now Your Phone’s Tilt Sensor Can Identify You >>
* Space Rock To Zip Between Earth And Moon | Orbit Animation >>

* Curiosity’s latest interactive Mars panorama more than 30,000 pixels wide: >>
* Swarm ‘delivers on magnetic promise’ >>
* Google, Facebook and Amazon race to blur lines between man and machine >>

* Computer system automatically solves word problems >>
* What We Learned This Week >>
* Why the Smart Reading Device of the Future May Be … Paper >>

* Mass memory and reasoning tests ‘track dementia risk’ >>
* US confirms first case of Mers coronavirus >>
* Twitter tries out ‘mute’ feature for irritating tweets >>

* MRI sensor allows neuroscientists to map neural activity with molecular precision >>

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