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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 May 2014

* HD Livestream of Earth Now Available 24/7 from the Space Station >>
* Installing the world’s first electronic spine >>
* Next Level Aerial Filming: the world’s first automatic flying follow-cam >>

* A Skyscraper-Sized Solar-Wind Tower Could Become North America’s Tallest Structure >>
* The Hunt for the Invisible Axion >>
* SpaceX Looking For Help With “Landing” Video >>

* Scientists Discover How Ancient Egyptians Moved Giant Blocks To The Pyramids >>
* Now Your Phone’s Tilt Sensor Can Identify You >>
* Google Now Shows You a List of Stores When You Go to a Mall >>

* Humans have a nose for gender >>
* 3D Printing: 10 Ways It Could Transform Space Travel >>
* Could Alien Life Cope with a Hotter, Brighter Star? >>

* Why Is Mars So Much Smaller Than Earth? >>
* Google Glass teardown puts rock-bottom price on hardware >>
* The Not-So-Crazy Plan to Build a Colossal Energy Skyscraper In Arizona >>

* The Internet of Things gets its own NAS >>
* Charles Stross wants floating cities on Venus to fix capitalism >>
* Wearable devices with health IT functions poised to disrupt medicine >>

* This Is A Praying Mantis Wearing 3D Glasses. Discuss. >>
* This R2-D2 toy is so detailed that you can use it in the new Star Wars >>
* Japan Has A Plan To Start Using Space-based Solar Power By The 2030s >>

* NASA Scientists Have 3D-Printed A Replica Of A Meteorite On Mars >>
* Should We Worry About Graphene Oxide in Our Water? >>
* Raspberry Pi used to build motion-controlled smart mirror that compliments you >>

* A Massive Market Opportunity Awaits In Analyzing The Internet Of Things >>
* Smart Pills That Track Your Health From the Inside >>
* Thumbles: a Touchscreen Interface Based on Little Mobile Robots >>

* Understanding the 2 Billion-Year-Old Natural Nuclear Reactor In W Africa >>
* Facebook’s F8 keynote in two minutes >>
* Sun-focusing satellite dish heats water on your roof >>

* You can smell a person’s SEX: Humans subconsciously identify gender using the subtle odour of pheromones >>
* Human Sexual Responses Boosted by Bodily Scents >>

* Men’s Skin Cells Turned Into Sperm Precursors >>
* Former Apple engineers create device that takes 360° photos >>
* Is dark matter made up of tiny BLACK HOLES? >>

* Playing pool with carbon atoms >>
* Italy cruise ship removal project halted >>
* Graphene’s negative environmental impacts >>

* Droplet lens turns a smartphone into a 160X microscope >>
* The molecular secrets behind resveratrol’s health benefits >>

8 A new self-assembling graphene-like material for flat semiconductors >>
* The cosmic web unveiled: observing ‘dim matter’ in 3D >>
* Watch Live: NASA on Why 3-D Printing Is the Next Step in the Final Frontier >>

* Have researchers found the ‘fattening gene’? >>
* Will improved “vision” make us even better than we are? >>
* 30-Second Tech Trick: iPhone Ringing for Some Calls but Not Others? Here’s Why >>

* Technology Is Making These 10 Jobs Obsolete >>
* Here’s how we should regulate brain enhancement devices >>
* Physicists confirm existence of new type of meson >>

* Breaking up water: Controlling molecular vibrations to produce hydrogen >>
* Your Stress Is My Stress >>
* Ganymede may harbor ‘club sandwich’ of oceans and ice >>

* Physics students devise concept for Star Wars-style deflector shields >>
* Human Skin grown from stem cells replicates the real thing >>
* Forget the Higgs, neutrinos may be the key to breaking the Standard Model >>

* The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television >>
* Google and Netflix are considering an all-out PR blitz against the FCC’s net neutrality plan >>
* The Crash-Proof Car >>

* How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors >>
* Meet Swarm: Foursquare’s ambitious plan to split its app in two >>
* Scientists regenerate muscle in five seriously injured patients >>

* Cyborg angst: 5 ways computers will perplex us in 2039 >>

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