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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 May 2014

* Facebook to place ads on other apps >>
* Why Facebook’s New ‘Anonymous Login’ Matters >>
* Google Now Adds Parking Detection, Manages Your Custom Nicknames >>

* First time since Abraham Lincoln United States will not be the World Largest Economy >>
* New Chart of Estimated purchasing power parity GDP for the USA and China >>
* How Self-Driving Cars Will Sneak Onto Our Roads >>

* ‘Pay-by-size’ for films in future >>
* Dreamworks CEO believes films will be ready to buy 3 weeks after hitting cinemas >>
* Film download prices ‘to be determined by screen size’ >>

* Winning Z-2 Spacesuit Prototype Design Gets Ready For Test Campaign >>
* SpaceX Releases Raw Video of First Stage Landing Attempt >>
* Future smart phones may be printed on your clothes >>

* ‘Twisters’ On The Sun Spotted By Spacecraft | Video >>
* What It Will Take to Farm Sunlight from Space >>
* Lumafit Wearable Activity Tracker Will Make You Drop Down And Give It 20 >>

* Facebook Introduces Anonymous Login, Try Apps Without Giving Info Away >>
* This DIY Geocaching Bracelet Shows The Power Of Wearables >>
* Self-Parking >>

* Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic-Jam Assistants >>
* Autonomous Emergency Braking >>
* How a synapse stays stable when its proteins are renewed >>

* Volvo Matches Google’s Test of City-roaming Cars >>
* Graphene: miracle material and potentially potent pollutant >>
* How a Smartphone Device Aims to Detect Oral Cancer >>

* Sony develops tape tech that could lead to 185 TB cartridges >>
* Virtual Reality: Purpose Beyond Gaming >>
* Robots may need to include parental controls >>

* How much could you claim if a DINOSAUR stamped on your car? £66,000 >>
* Scientists ‘3D-print’ living CARTILAGE >>
* Cloning approach makes diabetes stem cell advance >>

* New lab-on-a-chip device overcomes miniaturization problems >>
* How man will land on Mars: Nasa video reveals the steps needed to transport humans to the red planet in the 2030s >>
* Length of exoplanet day measured for first time >>

* WHO declares antibiotic resistance “a major global threat” >>
* New revolutionary sensor links pressure to color change >>
* This $14,000 vacuum-powered brewer aims to make the perfect cup of tea >>

* Water-based ‘engine’ propels tumor cells through tight spaces in body >>
* Can Elon Musk and SpaceX Take Space Travel From Evolutionary to Revolutionary? >>
* In Recognizing Speech Sounds, the Brain Does Not Work the Way a Computer Does >>

* Entire star cluster thrown out of its galaxy >>
* This Unbelievable Device Will Change The Way We Interact With The World >>
* Antibiotic resistance now ‘global threat’, WHO warns >>

* Government backs UK launch site plan for space tourism >>
* Can This Algorithm Find Hires of a Certain Race? >>
* Wages for Facebook >>

* Scientists regenerate muscle in five seriously injured patients >>
* Halo headband wants to make you smarter by shocking your brain >>
* Now Facebook Can Beam Targeted Ads At You Wherever You Are >>

* The Inevitable Connection Between Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance >>
* Pentagon’s Superpowered Autopilot Will Do the Work of 5 Crew Members >>

* How nanoparticles could be used to treat cancer >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 April 2014

* Nod Gesture Control Ring Is Designed For Continual Wear, Starts Selling Today For $149 >>
* Ultrawideband Engine-Area Network Lets Sensors Talk Under the Hood >>
* Video: World’s first electric plane takes off in France >>

* Google Glass users can now say ‘Explore Nearby’ to launch Field Trip, discover the world around them >>
* The Internet of Things: enabling the era of precision manufacturing >>
* Real-time genome-scale sequencing at sea >>

* A single algorithm is phasing out the Pap smear >>
* The Heinz Dilemma Might Reveal That Morality Is Meaningless >>
* Microsoft’s motion-sensing keyboard lets you skip the touchscreen >>

* Human Cartilage Grown on a Chip >>
* NASA’s shuttle-carrying 747 makes final journey to museum >>
* Got Gas? It Could Mean You’ve Got Healthy Gut Microbes >>

* This Island Will Charge Its Lake-Sized Batteries with Wind Power >>
* Nanoporous Material Combines the Best of Batteries and Supercapacitors >>
* Microsoft wisely hops on the moonshot bandwagon >>

* Research sees overlap in genes altered in schizophrenia, autism, intellectual disability >>
* Brain tumor cells penetrated by tiny, degradable particles carrying genetic instructions >>
* VIDEO: Watch a mobile payment app in action >>

* 3D printer builds houses in China – video >>
* This Software Can Write A Grade-A College Paper In Less Than A Second >>
* Elon Musk Just Shared This Picture Of The Historic ‘Soft Landing’ That Could Make Space Flight Cheaper >>

* Smart apps help run a smart home >>
* Google cars are better motorists than most people >>
* What is the early path of commercialization for Artificial Intelligence? What will be AI’s first killer apps? >>

* Senators Kill Provision Forcing the President to Reveal Drone Victims >>
* NYC’s 3,500-Year-Old Monument Is Being Cleaned With Freaking Lasers >>
* Brain-Inspired Microchip Is 9,000 Times Faster Than a Normal PC >>

* Justices Seem Torn on Cellphone Warrants >>
* Bits Blog: Standing on the Sidelines With Virtual Reality >>
* How 3-D Printing Can Help To Cure Cancer >>

* Dutch TV’s Tegenlicht does Present Shock >>
* Medical News Today: Y chromosome loss: shorter life expectancy and higher cancer risk in men >>

* Next Big Wearable Tech Trend Could Go In One Ear >>
* cosmic illusion revealed >>
* Controlling brain waves to stay visually aware >>

* Graphene’s potential to reshape neurosurgery >>
* Ghost Ship Nuclear Fusion Spaceship Concept Design >>
* The Pivot Conference >>

* It’s Freezing on the Surface of this Nearby Star-like Object >>
* ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Cast Announced >>

* New MIT building to be a hub for nanoscale research >>
* Research trio suggests exomoon atmospheres could cause false-positive signs of life on exoplanets >>

* NASA Seeks Ideas For Affordable Missions To Europa >>
* Hints of Extraterrestrial Life in Near Future Likely –“But Maybe Not on an Earth-like Planet” >>
* AT&T plans in-flight internet move using its US 4G network >>

* AT&T Is Building an In-Flight 4G LTE Network >>
* Google Glass: Everyone Will Know Everything About You Thanks To Everyone Else! >>
* 12 Incredible Ways Our World Will Change If Google Gets Its Way >>

* First Ever U.S. Made Long-Range Electric Bus Unveiled >>
* 3D bioprinting of stem cell structures could combat osteoarthritis >>
* Viewpoint: Remote Controlled Entanglement >>

* Google, Facebook and other tech companies race to develop artificial intelligence >>

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