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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 April 2014

* Liquid Metal Used to Reconnect Severed Nerves >>
* Mercedes Benz Contextual Car Capabilities >>
* Mobile phones could soon be built into CLOTHES >>

* Scientists have built an ‘off switch’ for the brain >>
* Now, nano ‘fingerprints’ to secure credit cards >>
* Human brains as software the next tech step >>

* This Printer Can Make A Real Teddy Bear In A Few Hours >>
* Incredible Technology: How to Land on Mars with Inflatable Flying Saucers >>
* Scientists create circuit board modeled on the human brain (w/ Video) >>

* How to create nanowires only three atoms wide with an electron beam >>
* Giant 3D printer creates 10 full-sized houses in a DAY: Bungalows built from layers of waste materials cost less than £3,000 each >>

* Dark Matter Could Send Asteroids Crashing into Earth: New Theory >>
* Scientists Give Praying Mantises Tiny 3D Glasses >>
* Microsoft Goes Hollywood With ‘Xbox Originals’ TV Shows >>

* Strap An Oculus-Controlled Video Camera To A Drone And Take It For A Spin >>
* The horse riding simulator that pairs the Oculus Rift with an exercise machine >>
* Oculus Rift experiment simulates living real life with lag >>

* Quantum Cryptography Done Over Shared Data Line >>
* DARPA Progress to enable assembly of more flexible, scalable and cost-effective space systems on orbit >>

* When A Self-Driving Car Meets An Indecisive Cyclist >>
* Google Shows How Its Self-Driving Cars Are Getting Smarter With 700K Miles Driven >>
* Cars that Look and Listen to Find Themselves a Parking Spot >>
* See Google’s Self-Driving Car Navigate City Streets >>

* Watch Out Twitter And Google+, Facebook’s News Feed Is Getting Smarter And Smarter >>
* FIRST Robotics: Who are the Celebrities of the Future? >>
* The Rise of the Data Natives >>

* How to Automate Your Home Without Rewiring >>
* Control System Could Help Flywheels Beat Battery Hybrids >>
* Sky’s next set-top box rumored to do away with satellite dishes >>

* Aereo Isn’t Illegal Just Because It Threatens Broadcasters >>
* NASA Discovers Coldest Brown Dwarf Neighbor of the Sun >>
* DARPA developing UAVs to provide 1 gigabit per second backbone to the front lines >>

* What’s A Smart Grid And Why Do We Need It? >>
* How Easy Is It to Escape from Prison? >>
* Mysterious robotic plane hits 500 days in space; what’s it doing? >>

* Bill Gates Just Shared This Mind-Blowing Infographic About The World’s Deadliest Animal >>
* Google Announcement >>
* VIDEO: Drone captures US tornado devastation >>

* Kenya to deploy drones in all national parks in bid to tackle poaching >>
* SciShow a current state of Artificial Intelligence and what to expect from the A.I. XPRIZE presented by TED >>
* What Ray Kurzweil Is Doing at Google >>

* Scientists hunt down origin of Huntington’s disease in the brain >>
* 21 Technologies That Will Decentralize the World >>
* A new ‘off’ switch for neurons >>

* Samsung blurs the line between phone and camera (again) with the Galaxy K zoom >>
* CHI 2014: Inkjet printer builds custom circuit boards >>
* ‘Smart’ Firearm Draws Wrath of the Gun Lobby >>

* Male Scent May Compromise Biomedical Research >>
* Not just old codgers >>
* Sending DNA robot to do the job >>

* Apple patents 3D interactive hologram display system >>
* Yes, Google’s self-driving car will sometimes run yellow lights >>
* 1/3 of Americans think there will be space colonies by 2064 >>

* Lab mice fear men but not women, and that’s a big problem for science >>
* Dementia Facebook app to raise awareness of the illness >>

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