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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 April 2014

* Gillmor Gang: Call Forwarding >>
* $0.01 lens could make your phone a high-res microscope >>
* Liquid water on Mars more evident now >>

* America’s Nuclear Arsenal Is Still Controlled By Antique Computers With Floppy Disks >>
* Google Brings Its Hotel And Restaurant Search To Android >>
* DARPA Develops Stealth Motorcycle For US Special Forces >>

* Weekly Roundup: Breakthrough technologies, Millennial men and ‘hijab couture’ >>
* Algorithm Distinguishes Memes From Ordinary Information >>
* VIDEO: The flying robotic pop band >>

* Netflix Considers P2P-Powered Streaming Technology >>
* Don’t Drive 1,000 MPH: Raindrops Will Destroy Your Windshield >>
* Microscale 3-D Printing that mixes inks with living cells to semiconductors and have already formed a complex network of blood vessels which is key for fabbing larger organs >>

* IBMs heated tip etching system will revolutionize chip prototyping >>
* Superconducting Qubit Array could be a non-Dwave quantum computer approach that is nearly ready to scale >>
* Using Ultrasound to Feel Virtual Objects >>

* Poorer Countries Stand to Miss Out on the Big Data Boom >>
* Thousands of ant like robots have been magnetically controlled and coordinated to build tower structures -Full control of ant like builder robots >>
* Self-driving and self-parking cars in Sweden – video >>

* HIV slowly adapting to humans: Scientists >>
* NASA Supersonic Science Aims to Shush Sonic Booms >>
* Home Connect: A single app for more than one brand of household appliances >>

* Aereo Is The Most Important Service That Nobody Should Use >>
* A Generation Of Old People Is About To Change The Global Economy >>
* Why were dinosaurs so much bigger than animals today? >>

* Scientists identify way to target drug-resistant cancer cells >>
* Human skin grown in lab ‘can replace animal testing’ >>
* Inside the Science of an Amazing New Surgery Called Deep Brain Stimulation >>

* How Far Fitness Has Fallen >>
* Saudi Arabia joins the killer drone arms race >>
* Security flaw puts all Internet Explorer users at risk, exposes Windows XP >>

* We Can Travel to Another Star System by 2100 >>
* The Price of Electricity In The U.S. Is About to Skyrocket >>
* DARPA’s Chip-Sized Digital Optical Synthesizer to Aim for Routine Terabit-per-second Communications >>

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