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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 April 2014

* DNA edited to cure liver disease, technique could treat other genetic disorders soon >>
* Asteroid impact risks ‘underplayed’ >>
* LG’s Android Smartwatch Promises an ‘Always-On’ Display >>

* Supreme Court Is About to Decide the Future of TV >>
* Supreme Court Justices, Ranked by Their Tech Savvy in the Aereo Case >>
* Inside the Supreme Court for Aereo’s last stand >>

* Bulletproof vests from stem cells? >>
* Lytro Reveals $1,500 Pro Camera That Lets You Refocus After You Take Pictures >>
* Custom 3D Printed Kidneys Help Surgeons Remove Tumors >>
* Powdered alcohol may be coming to a liquor store near you >>

* World’s fastest elevators will go 45 miles per hour in 2016, travel 95 floors in 43 seconds >>
* Estimate of 10,000 Dwarf Planets with about 400 candidates so far >>
* AT and T announces 1 Gigabit “Paper Fiber” but reduces capital spending >>

* Quantum tunneling between two plasmonic resonators links nonlinear quantum optics at 245 terahertz >>
* Students Design Radiation Shield for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft >>
* SpaceX Brings a Booster Safely Back to Earth >>

* America’s Middle Class is no longer the Richest in the World. The Richest Middle Class is in Canada >>
* Diamond Teleporters Herald New Era of Quantum Routing >>
* Laser could trigger rain and lightning >>

* Massive Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841 >>
* Building ‘smart’ cell-based therapies >>
* Creating spontaneous ‘cell’ division in artificial cell models >>

* A neuromorphic-computing ‘roadmap’ >>
* Hong Kong Section of High Speed rail delayed two years to 2017 >>
* Powerful Asteroids Strike Earth with Surprising Frequency (Video) >>

* This Exquisitely-Preserved 100 Million-Year-Old Fly Is Just Ridiculous >>
* Everything You Need to Know to Rebuild Civilization from Scratch >>
* DARPA Is Developing The Ultimate Autopilot System >>

* Lytro’s New Professional-Grade, Light Field Camera Will Blow Your Mind >>
* Pentagon’s Superpowered Autopilot Will Do the Work of 5 Crew Members >>
* Nanometer-Scale Magnet Makes Tiny, Powerful MRI >>

* Kinetica Is A New System That Lets You Play With Data With Your Fingers >>
* Withings Pulse O2 monitors blood oxygen levels for climbers, asthmatics >>
* AT&T wants to power the next big video streaming service >>

* Top IT Skills For 2014 >>
* Rip Curl’s new watch tallies waves, tracks speed in the surf >>
* Diamond Teleporters Herald New Era of Quantum Routing >>

* Bulletproofing the Grid >>
* Cota Wireless Power Solution Improves With Long Range Charging Through Closed Doors >>
* Americans Predict a Future Like Science Fiction >>

* Scientists get much closer to cloning human embryos from adult stem cells >>
* Earth Day from Space: Satellite Snaps Far-Out Photo (Image) >>
* Earth’s Early Atmosphere –New Clues to Origin of Life on Earth and Beyond >>

* Got Windows 8.1 Update yet? Get ready for YET ANOTHER ONE – rumor >>
* 3D Print a New House in Just a Few Hours >>
* Mini robot doctors that could swim in your bloodstream >>

* Cloaked DNA nanodevices survive pilot mission >>
* Human Origins: How Hominids Evolved (Infographic) >>
* Smart home tech could start at your ceiling with lights >>

* Scientists explore possibilities of mind reading >>
* Toilet flushes may help power homes >>
* New groundbreaking technique may help cure diseases by ‘editing’ DNA >>

* Out: Recipe for home-made graphene >>
* Star Wars will cost $175m-$200m to make, says Disney’s Alan Horn >>
* Here’s Why The Supreme Court May Have A Hard Time Understanding A Huge Technology Case >>

* Bill Gates Just Tweeted This Vaccine Graphic You Have To See >>
* IBM’s Watson Supercomputer May Soon Be The Best Doctor In The World >>

* Rise of the robots: Humans will compete with droids for jobs by 2040, study claims >>
* How the Internet of (Wearable) Things is Driving Healthcare Innovation >>
* $50 3D Printed Hand vs. Traditional, One Thousand Times More Expensive Prosthetic >>

* General Fusion TED talk >>
* Google X faces innovator’s dilemma: Wow factor has to pay >>
* Google Glass Just Lost Its Biggest Cheerleader >>
* The History of the Big Bang Theory >>

* Tesla driver completes epic all-electric cross-country journey >>
* Watch as swarms of micro-robots run around making stuff >>
* Disruptive technologies pose difficult ethical questions for society >>

* Stanford scientists observe brain activity in real time >>
* Like a hall of mirrors, nanostructures trap photons inside ultrathin solar cells (w/ Video) >>
* This Vertical Take-Off Drone System Is So Versatile It’s Scary >>

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