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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 April 2014

* Jasper Adds Voice Control to Your Raspberry Pi Projects >>
* Navy plans first live test of electromagnetic railgun on ship in 2016 >>

* Google Glass Just Became an Excellent Way to Live Stream >>
* This Device Fully Charges Smartphones In 30 Seconds >>
* Wirelessly Access Any of Your Naked Hard Drives With This Dock >>

* Curiosity Has Arrived At The Breathtaking Kimberley Waypoint >>
* Dark matter found? Gamma rays at centre of Milky Way promise clue to mystery of universe >>
* NASA Mulls Ethics of Sending Astronauts on Long Space Voyages >>

* Train for Surgery Using Immersive 3D Holograms of Corpses >>
* Private Moon Race Will Be Televised, Aims for 2015 Lunar Landing >>
* Ep. 340: Wernher von Braun >>

* ‘Back To The Moon For Good’ | X Prize Planetarium Show Trailer >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 342: Sunsetting Spacecraft >>
* The Revival of Cancer Immunotherapy >>

* How the Internet Is Taking Away America’s Religion >>
* How to create a visible-light large-area invisibility cloak >>
* Molybdenum disulfide as an alternative to graphene >>

* Vint Cerf wanted to make internet secure from the start, but secrecy prevented it >>
* Bloomberg: Microsoft Has Six Original TV Series in Production >>
* Game of Thrones Premiere Triggers Piracy Craze >>

* Thunderbolt 2 Networking enables 10 Gbps Ethernet connection, supports Macs and PCs >>
* NASA is offering code from more than 1,000 programs for public use >>
* Microsoft is thinking about Xbox 360 emulation on Xbox One >>

* Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP? >>
* Why No Executive Order To Stop NSA Metadata Collection? >>
* US Navy reveals radical new ‘game changing’ process to power jets and boats from seawater >>

* The 3D printer that costs less than an iPhone: £120 device prints clothes, food and jewellery at the touch of a button >>
* Viewpoint: Controlling a Molecule’s Fate >>
* Look into the future with genetic programming >>

* How Earth got its plated shell >>
* ISS avoids Gravity-style collision: Space station forced to change position after deadly debris field comes within just 1,000 ft >>
* Game-changer for plane recovery hope >>

* YouTube Is Going to Use TV to Destroy TV >>
* Report: First Xbox TV shows launching in June >>
* Robot ‘soldier’ to help develop protective gear >>

* Scientists identify part of brain linked to gambling addiction >>
* Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew Cast In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ >>
* Apple Has More Cash On Hand Than All These Countries >>

* There’s Been A Wave Of People Tipping Over Smart Cars In San Francisco >>
* New algorithm aids in both robot navigation and scene understanding >>
* Huge ‘El Gordo’ Galaxy Cluster Packs Mass of 3 Quadrillion Suns >>

* Who Owns Outer Space? >>
* Researchers discover ancient virus DNA remnants necessary for pluripotency in humans >>

* Scientists smash barrier to growing organs from stem cells >>
* Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP >>
* Seagate Releases 6TB Hard Drive Sans Helium >>

* Cheap Solar Power—at Night >>
* Successful Development of a High-Temperature Superconducting Magnet for Next-Generation Flywheels >>
* Scientists regenerate immune organ in mice >>

* Engineers design video game controller that can sense players’ emotions (w/ video) >>
* Are We Any Closer to Knowing How Many Species There Are on Earth? >>
* Australia Will Send Underwater Vessel To Scour Ocean Floor For Missing Malaysia Plane >>

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