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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 April 2014

* Chinese Company 3D-Printed Ten Houses In a Single Day >>
* Computer teaches another to play Pac-Man and student eventually beats teacher >>
* A revolution in money >>

* Meet the Crazy Camera That Can Make Movies for the Oculus Rift >>
* Discovery, Science to broadcast Google moon landing live >>
* Google’s Project Loon balloon circles Earth in a record 22 days >>

* Google Wants to Become a Wireless Carrier >>
* Get Ready For Virtual Reality Movies >>
* High-res blueprint how to build a human brain with genetic details/timing >>

* Tiny power generator runs on spit >>
* Fighting cancer with lasers and nanoballoons that pop >>
* Permanent tattoos inked by hacked 3D printer >>

* Can artificial intelligence save Windows Phones? >>
* Multigeneration Worldship Population Requirements Similar to Battlestar Galactica >>
* A Way to Make Stretchable Medical Electronics Practical >>

* Microsoft Extends .NET Framework With New Compiler Platform And Language Features >>
* Solar Panel Cargo Lifter that Does not Use Ladder-shaped Rail >>
* Can ADHD Be Prevented? >>

* Progress on superresolution cameras with 4 gigapixels and then 50 gigapixels >>
* 150 Megapixel CMOS image sensor >>
* The Multiverse is not the answer (Synopsis) >>

* What Stephen Hawking Really Meant When He Said There Are No Black Holes >>
* Transplant drugs may help wipe out persistent HIV infections >>

* Underground Ocean Makes Enceladus A Top Candidate For Extraterrestrial Life >>
* Fermi data tantalize with new clues to dark matter >>
* Researchers make clothes from sugar >>

* Microsoft admits it broke Windows and lets users boot to the desktop again >>
* Apple announces June 2nd conference which could see the iWatch unveiled >>

* Amazon Fire TV: What We’ve Learned >>
* How Will Big Data Remake Medicine? >>
* Virtual Health Care Will Revolutionize The Industry, If We Let It >>

* GE’s Wind Turbine Tester Puts Gigantic Drivetrains Through Hell >>
* During a Transplant Does the Donor’s DNA Integrate Into the Host? >>
* Would You Trust a 3D Printer to Give You a Tattoo? >>

* NASA Seeks Partners to Save SOFIA Flying Telescope >>
* NASA Targets Moons of Mars for Potential Robotic Mission >>
* Fly to Rosetta’s Comet with this New Interactive Visualization >>

* NASA-Russia Breach Will Not Affect UrtheCast Cameras On Space Station >>
* A blueprint for how to build a human brain >>

* How to instantly turn ‘pencil lead’ (graphite) into diamond >>
* Microsoft | Demo of Cortana the personal digital assistant >>
* Ten full sized 3D printed buildings in Shanghai >>

* Yahoo beefs up encryption for its services >>
* Saturn moon hides ‘great lake’ >>
* Apple’s developers conference starting June 2 >>

* For the first time Americans feel they are dropping to lower economic classes >>
* Satellite Images May Predict Volcanic Eruptions >>
* Space Station Robot Fitted With Satellite Deployer | Animation >>

* Norwegian Skydiver Almost Gets Hit by Falling Meteor — and Captures it on Film >>
* Earth from Space: UrtheCast Unveils Its 1st HD Camera View from Orbit (Photo) >>
* IEEE signs off on 400 Gb/s Ethernet development >>

* 3D-printed modules for Google’s Ara phone coming early next year >>
* 12 million people are already using Office for iPad >>

* Nanomaterials Improve Both the Anode and Cathode of Li-ion Batteries >>
* Scientists battle cancer with nanoballoons and lasers >>
* Google’s Nest pulled after bug causes it to turn off if users waves at it >>

* Does success lie up in the clouds? >>
* VIDEO: Saturn moon hides ‘great lake’ >>
* How We’ll Get Better Games For Xbox Than PlayStation Will Ever Have >>

* Best Possible Future (and How to Make It Happen) – 05,2014 >>
* Bionic connections: Interfacing with the nervous system >>
* Automation Will Change the World Sooner Than You Think >>

* A Revolution in Money >>
* Jason Silva’s Latest: To Be Human Is to Be Transhuman >>
* Robots find a job in the emerging world of solar energy >>

* The Future is Now: The Future of Connectivity >>
* How to Dodge a Space Bullet in Three (Not So Easy) Steps >>
* How the Rich and Poor Spend Money Today—and 30 Years Ago >>

* Quantum photon properties revealed in another particle—the plasmon >>
* Sir Martin Rees on Star Trek: ‘How post-humans could colonise other worlds’ >>
* Off the shelf, on the skin: Stick-on electronic patches for health monitoring (w/ video) >>

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