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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 April 2014

* Scientists manage to charge a phone using a human HAND >>
* End of the street lamp? Avatar-style glowing trees >>

* Generating entangled photons by linking LEDs and superconductors >>
* Einstein’s skepticism about quantum mechanics may lead to ultra-secure Internet >>
* The search for seeds of black holes >>

* Researchers develop device that simulates gastro-intestinal tract >>
* Multiverse Controversy Heats Up over Gravitational Waves >>
* Magnetic bricks beam 3D objects into your screen >>

* A breakthrough in creating invisibility cloaks, stealth technology >>
* Computer maps 21 distinct emotional expressions — even ‘happily disgusted’ >>
* Face map of mixed feelings could help AIs understand us >>

* The Anatomy Of A Forgotten Social Network >>
* Quantum computing and new approaches to Artificial Intelligence could get the resources to achieve real breakthroughs in computing >>
* China development compared to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan >>

* How Far Can You See in the Universe? >>
* Solar Flare 35x Larger Than Earth Confirms New Theory | Video >>
* Mars Coming Close: Where To Look | Video >>

* Is LG’s New OLED Table Lamp Really the Future of Lighting? >>
* You Can Pre-Order Samsung’s New $700 4K Monitor Right Now >>
* This Super-Sized Cargo Plane Carries NASA’s Biggest Loads >>

* Philips Says “Screw It,” Turns Entire Ceilings Into Giant Lights >>
* This Is What It Looks Like When Liquid Simultaneously Freezes and Boils >>
* Computers Are Only Great Because of the People Behind Them >>

* Why a Floating Electric Car Is Not an Ideal Disaster Vehicle >>

* Could 3-D Printed Organs Be The Future Of Medicine? >>
* Connected for a purpose >>
* How to Add Your Own Shortcuts to Windows’ Save Dialog >>

* $20 Robot From MIT Wins AFRON Design Challenge >>
* What Facebook Might Look Like Using Oculus Rift >>
* iPhone 6 “Air” Concept Imagines A Return To The Glass Back Design >>

* 3D printed UAV can be assembled and flying in under 24 hours >>
* What Games Are: Virtual Reality, We Hardly Knew You >>

* Facebook’s Oculus Buy Will Force A New Social Future >>
* Mobile Video Viewing Increased By 700% Between 2011 And 2013 >>
* Quantum Computer Capabilities will be critical to cracking Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence problems.. >>

* Ebola outbreak ‘unprecedented’ – MSF >>
* This App That Makes Sure You Get Home Safely Is Your New Overprotective Mom >>
* This Incredibly Creepy Robot Can Wear Your Friends’ Faces And Talk To You About Your Feelings >>

* Danger! Computer Simulates 1,500 People Walking and Texting at a Busy Intersection >>
* Minyanville: Facebook and Google can’t buy their way to innovation >>
* Ebola Spreads from Guinea to Liberia >>

* On the anvil, a gel to ‘fix’ implants >>
* Good bacteria that protects against HIV identified >>
* USA TODAY Tech Person of the Quarter: Tony Fadell >>

* Want a long life? Eat fruits and vegetables >>
* The Toy Car Company That Launched At Apple’s Developer Conference Thinks It’s Solved 3 Major Problems In Robotics >>
* Programmable nanoprocessors integrated into a nanowire nanocomputer >>

* Thermodo turns your smartphone into an instant thermometer >>
* Purported iPhone 6 pictures show protruding camera, rounded edges >>
* How To Destroy The Stock Market In 8 Steps >>

* Skin cancer: Genetic mutations ‘warn of risk’ >>
* Round two: Apple and Samsung suit up for another billion dollar patent war >>
* Supreme Cout justices question some software patents >>

* Body-worn police cameras in Southern California ‘cut complaints’ >>
* Panasonic introduces the HX-A500 4K wearable camcorder >>
* 13 Unexpected Sources of Energy that Could Save the World >>

* ‘Wello’ iPhone case can track your blood pressure, temperature and more >>
* How People Have Migrated Across The World In The Last 24 Years >>
* Addicts Who Live in the Moment May Benefit Most from Certain Kinds of Treatment >>

* Here’s How The World’s Most Brilliant People Scheduled Their Days >>
* Nanoparticle trapped with laser light temporarily violates the second law of thermodynamics >>
* Graphene gains thermal vision >>

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