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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 March 2014

* Poor Schrödinger’s cat: Entangled particles can now be in 103 states at once >>
* What Makes This Substance Boil And Freeze At The Same Time? >>
* How 3D Printing Will Create On-Demand Swarms of Disposable Drones >>

* Gillmor Gang: Sign Language >>
* The “Motor” That Allows a Fly to Flap Its Wings 50 Times a Second >>
* Microsoft buys $150M worth of head-mounted wearable display patents >>

* ‘Step forward’ in skin cancer fight >>
* Weekly Roundup: Virtual reality, tech-infused parenting and snack-aholics >>
* ‘Small’ Nuclear War Could Trigger Catastrophic Cooling >>

* Quantum Entanglement of 8 Photons Successfully Accomplished by Physicists >>
* Study: Most Millennials Don’t Watch TV on the TV >>
* Goats: Way smarter than you thought >>

* Information processing demonstrated using a light-based chip inspired by our brain >>
* Is California overdue for a big earthquake? >>
* The Inflationary Quantum Computer >>

* This Is What Google Glass Looked Like 3 Years Ago… >>
* Technology: The $1,000 genome >>
* Experts create intelligent ‘plaster’ to monitor patients >>

* Artificial hearts may help patients survive until transplant >>
* How to Fuel the Innovation Engine in Learning >>
* “Mini hearts” on veins could be used to treat circulatory problems >>

* An ancient virus may be the reason human stem cells can transform >>
* Smart skin patch knows when you need your meds >>
* Office politics: Microsoft comes back to reality >>

* A 3D-printed house is being built right now in Amsterdam >>
* Intel Prepares More Competitive Tablet Chips >>

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