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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 March 2014

* VIDEO: Manmade DNA may ‘revolutionise’ medicine >>
* This Insanely Small 3D Camera Shows What’s Happening In Your Bloodstream >>
* Microsoft unveils iPad Office suite >>

* Record: X-rays brighter than a million suns glow in lab >>
* With Microsoft’s Project Spark, Anyone Can Build A Video Game >>
* First Synthetic Yeast Chromosome Paves Way for Designer Genomes >>

* The soberphone: App for alcoholics can set off an alarm if they stray too close to a bar >>
* Amazon’s Long-Rumored Media Console Product Will Likely Be Revealed April 2 >>
* Drones to clean gutters and take selfies? >>

* First comprehensive atlas of human gene activity released >>
* ‘Acrobatic’ protein motor could hold cancer clues >>
* Andreessen Horowitz Raises Massive New $1.5 Billion Fund >>

* The monitor that MELTS inside you: Biodegradable chips could help track a patient’s vital signs before disintegrating >>
* The multiplication of cells under close observation >>
* Real-Life Laser-Shooting Goggles Turn You Into Cyclops >>

* Video: How NASA will assemble and launch its new manned space fleet >>
* Speaking Truth: Why Microsoft’s New CEO Made His Debut In San Francisco >>
* This Real-Life R2D2 Looks, Moves And Sounds Just Like The One In ‘Star Wars’ >>

* Lens-Free Camera Sees Things Differently >>
* Fatter Cows and Chickens from GM Crops >>
* This Map Shows All the Antineutrinos Spewed Out By Nuclear Plants >>

* MIT Technology Review Digital Summit >>
* Google’s Scientific Approach to Work-Life Balance (and Much More) >>
* Synthetic DNA advance is hailed >>

* The Evolution of Automated Breaking News Stories >>
* The bioretrosynthesis solution: shifting evolution into reverse to make cheaper drugs >>
* Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin Releases New Chapter For ‘The Winds Of Winter’ >>

* NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission in Brief | Animation >>
* Asteroid-Capture Mission Will Bring Mars Within Reach, NASA Chief Says >>
* NASA Wants Your Vote on Futuristic Z-2 Spacesuit Design >>

* Controlling electron spins by light >>
* Does Dark Energy Spring From the ‘Quantum Vacuum?’ >>
* Microsoft Office for iPad Isn’t Perfect, but It’s What We Needed All Along >>

* With Oculus acquisition, a virtual future starts to become reality >>
* Baker’s Yeast Gets a Genetic Makeover >>

* Software Testing Problems Continue to Plague F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program >>
* Philips’ 2014 4K TVs include an Android-powered model and smaller sets >>
* What’s the Best Android Home Screen Replacement? >>

* Samsung’s first Smart Bulb is Bluetooth-only and lasts 10 years >>
* New system could provide first method for filtering light waves based on direction >>
* Ultra-thin light detectors combine two very different technologies >>

* Twenty-six lectures in virology >>
* Rings: They’re Not Just For Planets Anymore >>
* Robotic planet-hunter bags its first exoplanets >>

* Autism may begin in the womb: Study >>
* New gadget can chill your beer in under a minute >>
* First Take: Nadella makes a good first impression >>
* Dog Dials 911 on Smartphone >>

* VIDEO: How sonar may hold key to finding plane >>
* ‘Mini heart’ invented to help return venous blood >>
* What Winter Will Be Like In 100 Years >>

* An Unexpected Discovery in the Brains of Autistic Children >>
* 3D MRI Visualization Technique Spots Whether Tumor Cells Are Dying from Chemo >>
* Newborn screening: should whole genome sequencing be introduced? >>

* Record quantum entanglement of multiple dimensions >>
* These laser goggles let you live out your X-Men dreams >>
* Disrupt NY 2014 >>

* Doctors will place patients between life and death in suspended animation trials >>
* App could help people shape their dreams, claims psychologist >>
* Comet-Chasing Rosetta Spacecraft Approaches Its Target >>

* First antenna launched on precursor to world’s largest telescope >>
* Autism rates soar, now affects 1 in 68 children >>

* New 3-D Printers Let You Print in Metal and Wood >>
* Researchers suggest changes to theories regarding neutron star crust structure >>
* Robots Are What Makes This Israeli Solar Farm Super-Efficient >>

* Google’s Calico to Sequence Whole Human Genomes of 100-Year-Olds in Project to Solve Puzzle of Human Aging >>

* Imergy Power Systems: The Future of Energy Storage >>
* A Gigantic Walking City That Farms the Desert As It Moves >>

* NASA’s prettiest spaceship yet will take actual photos of alien worlds >>
* First sightings of solar flare phenomena confirm 3-D models of space weather >>
* Seismic cloak could minimize earthquake damage >>

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