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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 March 2014

* Cybathalon 2016: A Competition for Augmented Humans >>
* A zoomable 360-degree view of our galaxy >>
* Holographic imaging for rapidly sorting stem cells, cancer cells >>

* NVIDIA announces the Jetson TK1 dev-kit, calls it the world’s first mobile supercomputer >>
* New Solar Cell Doubles As a Touch Screen >>

* Your unconscious mind can detect a lie >>
* New maps for navigating human genome unveiled >>
* Hawking’s black hole puzzle solved, claims US physicist >>

* Self-Assembling DNA Cages Could Transport Medicine Inside Your Body >>
* Electric ‘thinking cap’ can help you learn faster, better >>
* Soft robot ‘slug’ oozes along with air pressure >>

* Augmented reality concept uses Google Glass to make reading the newspaper more like… reading a website >>
* The Curious Nature of Sharing Cascades on Facebook >>
* World’s 1st Robotic Planet Finder Discovers Two Alien Planetary Systems >>

* World’s 1st Robotic Planet Finder Discovers Two Alien Planetary Systems >>
* US Military’s XS-1 Space Plane Project Seeks $27 Million in 2015 Funding >>
* The Insanely Expensive F-35 Is Delayed Again, Now Because of Software >>

* These Close-Up Views Of Nature And Technology Are Awe-Inspiring >>
* NASA Designs The Spacesuit Of The Future >>

* Plasma tool for destroying cancer cells >>
* NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU is called Pascal, and it’s smaller, faster and more efficient >>
* F Cubed’s Biochip vs. the Hospital Superbug >>

* Getting Ever Closer! NASA Discovers 1st Earth-sized Exo-Planet in Red-Dwarf Star’s Habitable Zone >>
* Car Companies Take Expertise in Battery Power Beyond the Garage >>
* Lawmakers Float Their Own NSA Reform Bill >>

* MRI reveals genetic activity >>
* Virtual plant commissioning helps automation engineering >>
* Computer models solve geologic riddle millions of years in the making >>

* World’s First Airborne Wind Turbine to Bring Renewable Energy and WiFi to Alaska >>
* Artificial intelligence is the next big tech trend. Here’s why. >>
* Officials: No Ebola In Canada >>

* IBM’s Newest Invention Mimics the Human Brain on an Atomic Level >>
* Unconditional basic income ‘will be liberating for everyone’, says Barbara Jacobson | Video >>
* The Next Great Era: Envisioning A Robot Society: Robin Hanson at TEDxTallinn >>

* A top neuroscientist warns that human cyborgs are a terrible idea >>
* Atoms and light get together to form cool, complex patterns >>
* Guinea Ebola outbreak: Bat-eating banned to curb virus >>

* Marc Andreessen Calls Warren Buffett An Old White Man Crapping On Technology He Doesn’t Understand >>
* This chamber simulates Mars right here on Earth >>
* HTC One smartphone phone uses depth sensor to refocus >>

* Science Compared Every Diet, and the Winner Is Real Food >>
* Apples Vs. Oranges: Google Tool Offers Ultimate Nutrition Smackdown >>

* Tom Cruise trains through time travel in new ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ trailer >>
* Why Doctor Who’s Greatest Challenge Could End In Heartbreak >>

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