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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 March 2014

* Laser Makes More Accurate Radar System >>
* New research could put a brain-like neural network in your smartphone >>
* Smart Light Bulb Doubles as Bluetooth Speaker >>

* HP teases plans to conquer the 3D-printing market >>
* Dirigible Drones Will Watch the World From 13 Miles Up >>
* Fusion power breakthrough may help explain stars, solar flares >>

* Scary New Drone Can Hack Your Phone From the Air >>
* Volvo’s connected cars could make winter driving safer for everyone >>
* Windowless Jet Will Let You Virtually Ride on Top of Clouds >>

* ‘Shrapnel’ risk to Moon missions >>
* ‘Chicken from hell’ dinosaur discovery >>
* Facebook Introduces ‘Hack,’ the Programming Language of the Future >>

* The Computer Can Tell When You’re Faking It >>
* Your Nose Can Smell at Least 1 Trillion Scents >>
* Future May Be Getting Closer to Reality, With D-Wave & General Fusion >>

* This Is How DARPA’s Robotic VTOL X-Planes Will Dominate The Sky >>
* A stretchable antenna for wearable health monitoring >>
* The Clean Energy Wars >>

* Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free? >>
* Introducing Project Morpheus >>
* Doping carbon-nanotube circuits more reliable, faster, power-efficient flexible devices >>

* At TED, Google’s Larry Page Says NSA Spying Threatens Democracy >>
* How 3D printing will turn us all (back) into makers: Avi Reichental at TED2014 >>
* U.S. Navy’s Robot Firefighters Prepare for a Test Run >>

* Google adds some LiquidFun to physics simulation in games >>
* What Do Coders Mean When They Talk About Bootstrapping? >>
* Every Single Gmail Message You Send Will Now Be Encrypted >>

* Hacked: The speakers in session 8 of TED2014 >>
* 5 Big New Projects Remaking Cities into Havens for Pedestrians >>
* How Robots Will Work with Us Isn’t Only a Technological Question >>

* 15 theses about the future of the Internet and how we can shape it positively >>
* Augmented World Expo 2014 >>

* How Virtual Gaming Worlds Are Revealing the Nature of Human Hierarchies >>
* Collaboration May Be Our First Step Toward the Stars. >>
* NASA’s Powerful Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Recovers from Recent Glitch >>

* World’s Most Advanced Computers Unravel Universe’s Most Primitive Processes >>
* Air Force Space Surveillance Satellite Bumps NASA’s Orion Launch to Dec. 2014 >>
* UV wristband helps you get vitamin D without sunburn >>

* Is Your Brain Lying to You? >>
* The invisible issue: The world as you don’t see it >>
* Flight MH370: The allure of the conspiracy theory >>

* World’s Tiniest Plasma Transistor Can Make Supertough Electronics >>
* Forget Innovation, Who Is Your Chief Disruption Officer? >>

* VIDEO: Thieves tunnel their way to cash machine >>
* The Seduction of Subduction >>
* Larry Page on Google’s smart future >>

* Digital Cameras Enter A New Transparent(!) Age >>
* The Best Smartphone Cameras on the Market Right Now >>
* Eat less and live long, says study >>

* 2064 Future >>
* Computers see through faked expressions of pain better than people >>
* DARPA’s Newest X-Plane Concepts Are All Robots >>

* Ancient Earth hammered by double space impact >>
* Genes vs. Lifestyle: What Matters Most for Health? >>

* Brain implants: Because you’ve always wanted to think more like Einstein >>
* Want a robot butler? Then you’ll need to see this French trade show. >>
* Remember, one person’s cloudy day is another… >>

* What’s making athletes faster, better, stronger: David Epstein TED2014 >>
* Turning a Tablet Into a Child’s Interactive TV >>
* Google vs. Microsoft: a cheap laptop showdown >>

* New Big Bang evidence also hints that we may exist in a multiverse >>
* Researchers are making a smartphone lens that can spot sickness >>
* NSA: Tech Companies Knew About PRISM The Whole Time >>

* TED 2014: NSA hits back on Snowden spying leaks >>
* Formula 1’s new ‘too quiet’ engines are least of Ecclestone’s worries >>
* Landmark Alzheimer’s Study Pinpoints Protein That Protects Aging Brain >>

* We already live in the age of robots—we just don’t call them that >>
* Researchers develop fully photonics-based radar system (Update) >>
* LADEE Discovers the Moon’s Dust Halo, Finally >>

* Hacking Your DNA >>
* Negropodamus disses Internet of Things, predicts knowledge pills >>

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