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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 March 2014

* Facebook Creates Software That Matches Faces Almost as Well as You Do >>
* A Simple Explanation for Malaysia Air flight was electrical fire and crew was overcome >>

* Why can’t a startup build a self-driving car? >>
* For $3,500, a Spy-Resistant Smartphone >>
* For Swiss Data Industry, NSA Leaks Are Good as Gold >>

* Video: Open the book on TED2014: The Next Chapter >>
* Liftoff!: The speakers in session 1 at TED 2014 >>
* Room Temperature graphene light detector could enable contacts for seeing infrared, UV and visible light spectrum >>

* Algorithm Reveals Objects Hidden Behind Other Things In Camera Phone Images >>
* The Year of Encryption >>
* Why Google Doesn’t Have a Research Lab >>

* Rats’ brains may ‘remember’ odor experienced while under general anesthesia >>
* New Skype for Android promises not to drain your battery >>
* Can a chocolate pill help prevent heart attacks? >>

* First Microlensing Detection of a Planet Circling a Brown Dwarf Candidate >>
* “Tremors of the Big Bang” –First Direct Evidence of Cosmic Inflation >>
* Virtual clone: A guinea-pig twin will keep you healthy >>

* An Algorithm Wrote The LA Times Story About The City’s Earthquake Aftershock Today >>
* A Google Glass app for instant medical diagnostics (w/video) >>

* A Nick in Time: How Shaving Evolved Over 100,000 Years of History >>
* Toshiba’s New Breathalyzer Diagnoses Diseases, Not Drunks >>
* China’s Ambitious Plan to Move 100 Million People From Farms to Cities >>

* Well La Di Da (Di): Mark Ronson at TED2014 >>
* The scariest thing you’ve ever done: Chris Hadfield at TED2014 >>
* Swiss Talent Forum 2014 >>

* Back to tech’s future: Nicholas Negroponte at TED2014 >>
* Sushi chef makes miniature sushi with a single grain of rice >>

* One-on-One: A Conversation With Steve Jurvetson, Space Investor and Rocket Maker >>
* Scientists resurrected the world’s oldest plant, a 1,500-year-old moss >>
* 4K vs. HD: Here’s the Difference >>

* Oculus VR exits first virtual reality collective >>
* Android Wear: 5 Key Points From Google’s Wearable Strategy >>
* First direct evidence of cosmic inflation >>

* Can Artemis Deliver 5G Service On Your 4G Phone? >>
* Podcast: thinking with data >>
* Microsoft Invents Magnetics based Stylus System, Friction Realism to Pen, Pencil or Paintbrush >>

* Voices: Flight 370, a mystery in our hyperconnected age >>
* A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet >>

* How Do You See Gravitational Waves? >>
* Scientists open a new window into quantum physics with superconductivity in LEDs >>

* Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse, Cosmic Inflation Discovery Suggests >>
* Blood test may help spot, monitor concussions >>
* Now, a software to calculate risk of heart disease >>

* The design contest creating radical transport concepts >>
* Five of the most radical car-free city experiments >>
* Interactive Moon Map Is The Next Best Thing To Piloting Your Own Lander >>

* Robot writes LA Times earthquake breaking news article >>
* ‘Waves’ detected on Titan moon’s lakes >>
* Google Voice Getting Integrated Into Hangouts >>

* Facebook’s working on facial verification that’s ‘nearing human-level performance’ >>
* NSA surveillance program reaches ‘into the past’ to retrieve, replay phone calls >>

* Evidence of the Universe From Before the Big Bang? >>
* Questions Over Absence of Cellphone Calls From Missing Flight’s Passengers >>
* Popcorn Time Is Hollywood’s Worst Nightmare, And It Can’t Be Stopped >>

* Star Wars filming to start in May >>
* New ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Will Take Place 30 Years After ‘Return Of The Jedi’ >>

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