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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 March 2014

* G.E. Has Found a Way To Cool a Fridge With Magnets >>
* Oculus VR, EA, Avegant and others join to form ‘Immersive Technology Alliance’ >>
* Mice Will Approach Another Mouse in Pain, But Only When He’s Top Mouse >>

* 3D acoustic cloaking device makes objects undetectable with sound >>
* MIT Builds A ‘Soft Robotic’ Fish That’s Perfectly Cuddly, Moves Like The Real Thing >>

* Cancer stem cells destroyed with cryoablation and nanoparticle-encapsulated anticancer drug >>
* Human brains ‘hard-wired’ to link what we see with what we do >>
* Scientists catch brain damage in the act >>

* A new quantum-cryptography scheme to secure anonymous transactions >>
* A step towards ‘programmable materials’ >>
* I Wore the Navy’s Oculus Rift, and It Showed Me the Future of Warfare >>

* What the Internet of 2025 Might Look Like >>
* Scientists Find a More Likely “Fat Gene” >>
* Road Magnets Tested By Volvo For Autonomous Driving >>

* At CeBIT, Robot Moon Monkeys, Soccer Analytics, and Cyber War Rooms >>
* Laser tool speeds up detection of Salmonella in food products >>
* Electrical Stimulator to Prevent Migraines Receives FDA Approval >>

* DARPA Excalibur High-Energy Lasers headed to multi-100 kilowatts, 10x more compact >>
* Lower cost space fuel depots from stockpiling contingent fuel >>
* Japan might restart up to 10 reactors each year up to 35 reactors by 2019 >>

* Did Life On Earth As We Know It Come From ‘Geological Life’? >>
* Why the Asteroid Belt Doesn’t Threaten Spacecraft >>
* Bluetooth Driving Assistant, $50 off Most Tablets, Car Tires [Deals] >>

* Meet the Teams Who Are Building the World’s First Medical Tricorder >>
* Google Is Testing A Major New Targeting Feature [THE BRIEF] >>
* Tiny Ultrasonic Device to Travel Arteries and Image Coronary Blockages >>

* Ten Expert Economists’ Wild Guesses About the World of 2114 >>
* The era of Facebook is an anomaly >>

* Watch This Harrowing Drone Footage of the Building Collapse in Harlem >>
* Wireless charging standards war could be over ‘as soon as 2015’ >>
* Oracle promises ‘skin editor’ for Fusion apps >>

* Rare diamond reveals existence of water deep inside Earth’s mantle >>
* Scientists Built an Impossibly Small Engine But Don’t Know How It Works >>

* Microsoft’s Tech Advisor Bill Gates is talking about tech (again) >>
* This $400,000 Pocket Watch Can Run for 1,000 Years >>
* Google Drive Gets A Big Price Drop, 100GB Now Costs $1.99 A Month >>

* NASA Needs Coders to Help Prevent Asteroid Armageddon >>
* How To Print A New Face >>
* Changing Face of Software Defined Networking: Addressing Actual Business needs >>

* Building Out The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure >>
* Formula 1 Feels The Need For … Fuel Efficiency >>
* Simplisafe Adds New Sensors, Services To Their DIY Home Security System >>

* Tipping Point: U.S. Spend On Mobile Data Outweighed Voice Spend In 2013 >>
* Unblock YouTube Bypasses Region Filtering on YouTube Videos >>
* Re-Engineering Healthcare To Eliminate Preventable Deaths >>

* New wireless network to revolutionise soil testing >>
* Machine Learning: Beats Hopes to Serve Up Music in a Novel Way >>
* An equation to describe the competition between genes >>

* Sex Hormone Lessens Snacking >>
* Gel protects monkeys from HIV could work on humans too >>
* Quantum chaos in ultracold gas discovered >>

* Air Crash Investigation: How the Search for Flight MH370 is Run >>
* Bits Blog: Flight 370 and The Terror of Being Off the Grid >>
* VIDEO: On board a search for missing plane >>
* Missing Malaysia Airlines flight sent signals for hours after it disappeared >>
* Inside the Nearly Impossible Task of Finding an Airplane in the Ocean >>

* Hypergiant star 1300 times the size of the Sun spotted >>
* A Whale of a Find: Fossil Sheds Light on Cetacean Sonar’s Origin >>
* Robonaut 2 To Toddle And Waddle Around Space Station This Summer >>

* Graphene Origami Boxes Exceed Hydrogen Storage Targets >>
* SpaceX Set to Launch the World’s First Reusable Booster >>
* Innovative solar-powered toilet developed by CU-Boulder ready for India unveiling >>

* ‘Love hormone’ may treat anorexia >>
* What happened when? How the brain stores memories by time >>
* Syfy promises a return to space opera at last, with Ascension >>

* Google Will Start Encrypting Your Searches >>
* Google Maps launches ‘river view’ of Grand Canyon >>
* Even in its final days, Windows XP still looms large >>

* ‘Fuel cell model’ sheds new light on origin of life >>
* Beanstalk-like ‘space elevators’ could go from sci-fi to reality >>
* Faster computers will find aliens in 20 years, says SETI >>

* New details emerge on Amazon’s ‘Project Aria’ smartphone >>
* 3D printing, simulation softwares and new designs for Boeing and Ford >>
* Should It Really Take 14 Years to Become a Doctor? >>

* Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview >>
* Andrew Hessel: Programming Living Things – The Next Generation Of Computing >>

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