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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 March 2014

* The World Wide Web Turns 25 >>
* Google Invents Backside Keyboard functionality through Sensors >>

* China Has Satellite Images Of What May Be The Missing Plane >>
* The $100,000 Device That Could Have Solved Missing Plane Mystery >>
* What next for 25-year-old internet? >>

* You Can Now 3D Print a Model of Your New House >>
* Surgeons reconstructed this man’s face with a 3D printer >>
* A Phantom Drone Captured Video Inside An Erupting Volcano >>

* Earth has a secret reservoir of water, say scientists >>
* Scientists Can Now Herd Cells Like Cattle Using Electrical Fields >>
* A Cheaper Route to Making Chemicals from CO2 >>

* SpaceX Unveils Gorgeous Rocket Legs for Space Station Launch on March 16 >>
* NASA must fast forward the manned use of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft >>
* NASA plans Mars Sample-Return Mission in 2022 with modified SpaceX Dragon capsule >>

* The Powerful Promise Of A Puzzling New Microscopic Combustion Engine >>
* Africa likely to have 500 million more people in 2050 than UN 2010 projection >>

* Nuclear thermal rocket >>
* Science Fiction Writers discuss the era of starships >>
* Efficient Gas Storage and Separation – Metal organic frameworks could be the plastics of the 21st century >>

* Rice bioengineers invent systems for ‘genetic circuit analysis’ >>
* Watch scientists ‘herd’ cells with electric fields for controlled tissue engineering >>
* New research could help make ‘roll-up’ digital screens a reality >>

* Eros Evolving: the Future of Love, Sex, Marriage, and Beauty >>
* Tim O’Reilly Talks About The Internet Of Things And Beyond >>

* Robot project aims to help doctors diagnose human stroke victims >>
* Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem >>
* The Next Frontier in Crowdsourcing: Your Smartphone >>

* The Powerful Promise Of A Puzzling New Microscopic Combustion Engine >>
* Here’s how the NSA can collect data from millions of PCs >>
* Physicist Proposes a New Type of Computing >>

* Research: CEOs Matter More Today Than Ever, at Least in America >>
* The Next Frontier in Crowdsourcing: Your Smartphone >>
* China is back to raising nuclear energy build targets after lowering them after Fukushima >>

* Why robots are finally breaking into business – but sadly not our kitchens >>
* An Internet of Things or a World Made of Data? – Mar 14,2014 >>
* Here’s The Technology That’s Going To Make Your Phone’s Internet 1,000 Times Faster Than 4G >>

* Android Users Can Finally Download The App That’s Convinced Thousands Of iPhone Users To Shell Out $2 >>
* IITians’ medical chair can measure vital signs >>
* Inventor of World Wide Web seeks digital bill of rights >>

* NY plans ‘regulated’ Bitcoin exchanges >>
* VIDEO: Man’s face rebuilt with 3D printing >>
* Google buys up games controller firm >>

* Facebook Plans Remote Coverage Via Drones >>
* Self-powered wireless light detectors >>
* Your smartphone is looking at you – but can it read your emotions? >>

* Video: High-resolution scanning in three dimensions >>
* 30,000 flights covering 25 million miles: Beautiful video reveals an entire day of European air travel in just two minutes >>
* Tiny chip bends light to project simple image >>

* Pew! Pew! Pew! Space Station Laser to Beam HD Video to Earth >>
* New Device for Migraines: How Does it Work? >>

* Desktop app helps turn your voice into songs >>
* 2014: The year we programmed a robot to pole-dance… badly >>
* What happens to prosthetics and implants after you die? >>

* Mars Crater-Naming Campaign Sparks an International Blowup >>
* UK joins ‘super-microscope’ project >>
* HIV protection gel for women ‘comes a step closer’ >>

* Pioneering 3D printing reshapes patient’s face in Wales >>
* Born to run: Modern engines are going the distance >>
* So there is a Cruise Ship where Residents Permanently Live as it Travels the World >>

* Snowden calls on the geeks to save us from the NSA >>
* Scientists want to replace solar panels with potted plants. craziest part? It just might work: >>

* Privacy challenges stand between you and your own private robot >>
* Koenigsegg is Striving to Make the World’s Fastest Car with 3D Printing >>
* Play it again, Sam: How the brain recognizes familiar music >>

* Bluebrain: a documentary film >>
* Drones will cause an upheaval of society like we haven’t seen in 700 years >>
* The 5 hottest health-tech startups at SXSW >>

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