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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 March 2014

* Punching virtual sharks w Oculus Rift and Leap Motion >>
* Telepresence Robocop piloted by oculus rift and sensored gloves >>
* Disruptive power of collaboration: Interview with Clay Shirky >>

* Entrepreneur Hopes to Use Interference to Improve the Mobile Internet >>
* Billion air journeys taken last year without details being checked against stolen-passport database >>

* Incredible Technology: How Fleets of ‘Flat Landers’ Could Explore Other Planets >>
* Blood test can 90% predict risk of Alzheimer’s onset in the next three years >>

* Is this hole in the ground our best shot at finding life on Mars? >>
* Chemists discover new class of antibiotics >>
* Collapsible woven refugee shelters powered by the sun >>

* Advertising’s Next Frontier: The Internet of Everything >>
* Amazon Prime Instant video adds Orphan Black as a streaming exclusive >>
* A small step toward seeing habitable planets >>

* Audi’s New Tech Can Turn Every Traffic Light In Front Of You Green >>
* The 500 MPH Superplane That Buggati Had to Hide From the Nazis >>
* Is the lopsided Universe telling us we need new theories? >>

* 11 Times ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted the Future of Technology >>
* 3D Printing: Rise of the Third Industrial Revolution >>
* Best of H+ Magazine, Vol.1: 2008–2010 >>

* Three-part nanoparticles for biomedicine eliminate biocompatibilty, storage problems >>
* A New Air Rights Report Tells New York City to Build Up, Up, Up! >>

* US Navy will deploy first ship with laser weapon this summer >>
* A Hole in Mars >>
* NASA tests new robotic refueling technologies >>

* Watch us play Titanfall for Xbox One (poorly) right here! >>
* Samsung invents a new Hybrid Notebook-Tablet Design without Committing to OS >>

* Sony and Panasonic name 1TB Blu-ray successor Archival Disc >>
* Amazon Prime Instant video adds Orphan Black as a streaming exclusive >>
* Females Are Genetically Protected from Autism >>

* Diagnosing diseases in real time with smartphones >>
* Morphing is one way to make aircraft more efficient >>
* A new sensor uses sound to diagnose faults in industrial machinery >>

* Research on 3-D scaffolds sets new bar in lung regeneration >>
* Pole-dancing droids strut their stuff at CeBIT exhibition >>
* China Tests Anti-smog Drone Aircraft >>

* Man ‘used drone to smuggle drugs’ >>
* String theory genius explains coming breakthroughs to change life as we know it >>
* Now, a device to turn water into wine >>

* New Technique Could Help Scientists Detect Alien Life… in Four Years >>
* Death stars in Orion blast planets before they even form >>
* Is unconditional basic income the reform Europe needs? >>

* SpaceX just made rocket launches affordable. how it makes them downright cheap >>
* US government wants to use machines to constantly monitor up to 5 million employees >>
* Red Dragon could visit Mars in proposed NASA mission >>

* Sony’s Oculus Rift competitor could be coming this month >>
* NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: Keep Their Hands Off Our Data >>
* Google’s 10th Summer Of Code Is Now Open For Applications >>

* Flying Phantom: US$40k sailboat levitates two feet above the waves >>
* Why we hold grudges about little injuries but forgive big ones >>
* Next Silicon Valleys: Speed reading and life-size robots >>

* What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong >>
* The Future of Genetics in People’s Lives >>

* The future of health care is social, and techie >>

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