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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 March 2014

* Scientists begin ambitious plan to cure HIV-infected babies >>
* Google Fiber could accelerate to 10 gigabit Internet speeds within 3 years >>
* China making the longest undersea tunnel starting in 2015 >>

* Sensor Turns Faintest Radio Waves into Laser Signals >>
* Socibot v1.2 eyes follow you around room; expression changes to reflect its mood >>

* Genetically engineered white blood cells could be the future of HIV treatment >>
* Immune upgrade gives ‘HIV shielding’ >>
* Can Gene Therapy Cure HIV? >>

* After 12 years, the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere is ready >>
* World’s First Sunset Hyperlapse From An Airplane >>
* Android’s co-founder is spending Google’s billions hunting for the next big thing >>

* ISS, NASA and US dependent on Russian & Ukrainian Rocketry Amidst Crisis >>
* Dwave Computer passes more tests that confirm Quantumness >>
* Why the New ‘Cosmos’ TV Series Is Coming to Fox (Video) >>

* Computer Program Allows the Blind to ‘See’ With Sound >>
* SXSW 2014: Expect Wearable Tech, Robotics, Science Celebs and More >>
* Israeli scientists shoot for the moon with dishwasher-sized spacecraft >>

* ‘Carbon bubble’ threatens markets >>
* Electric cars: No longer the exception? >>
* Artificial Organs May Finally Get a Blood Supply >>

* Google Glass App Will Detect Your Emotions, Relay Them Back To Retailers >>
* Darpa’s Tiny Lasers Will Soon Hunt for Biochemical Weapons >>
* Japanese space boffins set to map the world in 3D >>

* Google Releases Street View Imagery Of Hawaiian Beaches, First Trekker Program >>
* Cyborg Drumming Arm Makes Amputee Into Superhuman Musician >>
* NASA Holds on to ISS, Mars, Orion, and Europa in No-Growth $17.5B Budget >>

* How Small Data Will Revolutionize Communications >>
* Apple Patents Built-In Automated Emergency Detection And Assistance For iPhone >>
* US Navy Toys With Physics of Bouncy Balls >>

* Gene-editing Technique Shown to Work as HIV Treatment >>
* ‘Tinder for JOBS’: App matches employers with job hunters at click of a button >>

* Using Lasers to Cut a Diamond Apart Atom by Atom >>
* Programmable material: Sheet metal that never rattles >>
* The future of biometric technology >>

* Credit card-sized device could analyze biopsy, diagnose pancreatic cancer in mins >>
* Genetically modified superrice resistant to drought, salty soils, lack of fertiliser >>
* This Is The Room Where The Internet Was Born >>

* Explore Nanotechnology >>
* Never-Before-Seen Asteroid Break-Up Snapped By Hubble | Video >>
* Robotic Satellite Refueling Tech Works, NASA Proves | Video >>

* Spacex Falcon Heavy launch delayed to 2015 >>
* SpaceX Poised to Launch Space Missions for US Air Force, Elon Musk Says >>

* Amazon’s First 3-D Printed Products Marketplace Is Now Open For Business >>
* Alzheimer’s May Be Almost as Fatal as Cancer >>
* Read a 300-page book in 90 minutes with ‘text streaming’ >>

* Silicon Valley boom eludes many, drives income gap >>
* How SXSW put itself on the map >>
* Did RadioShack run out of things to sell? >>

* Saturn Rings, Moon Dazzle in New Photo >>
* Better than Borg in an Age of Enhancement >>
* Big Data and the Vices of Transparency >>

* Computer reads text written in the air and other innovations >>
* Humanity’s Next Steps: The Path to Obsolescence – Mar 08,2014 >>
* Will crowdsourced RNA designs advance nanotechnology? >>

* In Depth With Jason Silva: Brain Games, Trance States, and Abomination of Death >>
* New Dino Ranks as Europe’s Largest-Ever Predator >>
* The Future Of The Web Is Audible >>

* iPhone case monitors blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and temperature >>
* Is Apple running out of ideas in Europe? >>
* Great white shark’s epic ocean trek >>

* College Grads Taking Low-Wage Jobs Displace Less Educated >>
* UCLA engineering team increases power efficiency for future computer processors >>
* ALMA sees icy wreckage in nearby solar system: Possible hidden planet causing collisions >>

* Operation restores lost sight by growing you new eye cells in three days >>
* This is not a frame from a science fiction movie >>
* Context switching in daily life stresses us, study finds >>

* Researchers Cure Diabetes in Mice >>
* Researchers find drug therapy that could eventually reverse memory decline in seniors >>
* The Woman Who Can Will Herself Out Of Her Body >>

* The Age of Transitions (full length documentary) >>

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