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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 March 2014

* Facebook buying 11,000 drones to connect Africa >>
* Mathematical Proof Reveals How To Make The Internet More Earthquake-Proof >>
* Doc Brown and Tony Hawk show off a real-life hoverboard (or not) >>

* For his next act, Craig Venter takes on human aging >>
* New Device Could Charge Your Smartphone As You Walk >>
* Researchers mulling inflatable airship VAMP for flying the skies of Venus >>

* Text AND walk: App makes your mobile ‘transparent’ so you can see the street in front >>
* Glowing virus IDs anthrax in hours >>
* New Form of Intelligent Life? Plants Found to Have Memory and Make Complex Decisions >>

* This Bluetooth Ring Is Like a Magic Wand on Your Finger >>
* A Powerful New Way to Edit DNA >>
* NASA’s Robotic Space Refueling Tests May Save Satellites One Day (Video) >>

* Nearly 3 Million Americans Living With Hepatitis C >>
* Jason Silva; Transcension Hypothosis >>
* New season of ‘Through The Wormhole’ starts March 5th. >>

* How do you get fresh water with help from 3D printer >>
* Apple granted patent for two-faced iPhone with wraparound touchscreen >>
* Abundance Of Rare Deep-Sea Life Found In New Hebrides Trench | Video >>

* How memory and thought alters the meaning of odors >>
* Evidence of former life on Mars? >>
* 3-D printer creates device for heart treatment keep heart beating during heart attack >>

* Tungsten Electrodes mid-May will achieve breakthrough commercial fusion lower costs by 10x >>
* Russian Focus Fusion device gets 30 joules from 135 kilojoules input, 6 times better NIF >>
* How to generate new neurons in brains, spinal cords of living adult mammals >>

* Heart Implants, 3-D-Printed to Order >>
* Usain Bolt Could Fly on Saturn Moon Titan: Here’s How >>
* Russia’s Ukraine Ordeal Won’t Affect US Astronaut Trips to Space Station, NASA Says >>

* Planets Plentiful Around Abundant Red Dwarf Stars, Study Says >>
* Europe Explores Ideas to Clean Up Space Junk >>
* What Will Facebook Look Like In Ten Years? >>

* The Quantum D-Wave 2 Is 3,600 Times Faster than a Super Computer >>
* Intel Just Bought Itself One of the Best Fitness Trackers Out There >>
* Two-dimensional ‘electron gas’ creates radical microelectronics devices >>

* A Company Wants to Monitor the Earth With 3D-Printed Sensor Tiles >>
* I’ve seen the future and its this touchscreen Pizza Hut menu table >>
* Now Facebook Has a Drone Plan >>

* Graphene Flakes Bring Higher Efficiencies to Polymer Solar Cells >>
* Steven Ballmer Reflects on Missteps and Ponders the Future of Microsoft >>
* Tesla plans European expansion with service centers and showrooms >>

* Earth’s Infrared Radiation: New Renewable Energy Frontier? >>
* Follow The Money: Who Is Funding Energy Storage And Why >>
* Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer Is Retiring, Joining Goldman Sachs Board Of Directors >>

* With 11K Pre-Orders, Play-i To Teach Kids To Code With Interactive Toy Robots >>
* PETA Abandons $1 Million Prize For Artificial Chicken >>

* Microsoft to integrate new social, machine learning technologies into Office 365 >>
* New Flu Vaccine May Come In A Patch, As Epidemic Kills 302 In California >>
* ‘Print the Legend’, new film that tracks rise of 3D printing (video) >>

* iPhone 5S tracks your motion even after the battery dies >>
* Angry people ‘risking heart attacks’ >>
* To Connect the World, It’s Drones vs. Balloons >>

* Forget About Windows 8, Insiders Say Microsoft’s Real Money Maker Is Broken >>
* India unveils its first home-grown astronaut capsule >>
* Hidden “Signature” in Online Photos Could Help Nab Child Abusers >>

* Space Station sensor to capture ‘striking’ lightning data >>
* Microchip Screens Effectiveness of Photodynamic Therapy for Killing Cancer >>
* Here’s a First Look at Microsoft’s Siri-Like Assistant In Action >>

* NASA’s $17.5 Billion Budget Request for 2015 Would Fund New Science Missions >>
* How Airships Are Set To Revolutionize Science >>
* Futuristic Moon Elevator Idea Takes Aim at Lunar Lifts >>

* Artificial heart patient dies >>
* A complete medical check-up on a chip >>

* Controlling protein intake may be key to a long and healthy life >>
* Apple helps blur the line between Silicon Valley and Detroit >>
* Fitness Trackers: Are Rechargeables Better Than Watch Batteries? | Video >>

* Camera lowered into deep ocean trench finds unexpected creatures >>
* Your tooth plaque can reveal diet, diseases hundreds of years after death >>
* Every Quadrotor Needs This Amazing Failsafe Software >>

* The most dangerous man in the bitcoin isnt a criminal >>
* Facebook will now let you block all the articles from any website >>
* This Giant Floating Farm Uses Melting Icebergs To Bring Local Food To Greenland >>

* AirPnP rent-out-your-toilet app launched for Mardi Gras >>
* New magnetic material could boost electronics >>
* What Facebook can do with a $60 million drone fleet >>

* How Israeli/American 3D Printing Technology Is Revolutionizing Dentistry >>
* ‘Tribo-electric,’ the buzzword of the future? >>

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