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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 February 2014

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* New Fitness Trackers Will Record Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make >>
* Automatic Link driving assistant can now auto-post to Facebook, other apps >>
* CamioCam Turns Any Web/Video Camera Into Smart, Cloud-Based Monitoring Device >>

* Dirt powered solar panel >>
* Baby Selfie App Signals Impending Collapse Of Society (Or Not) >>
* Jad Connected Car App Automatic Gets Even Smarter With IFTTT Integration >>

* Three-person baby details announced >>
* UK spies ‘intercepted webcam images of Yahoo users >>
* Spacesuit Leak: Why It Took NASA 23 Minutes to Send Astronaut to Safety >>

* Massive offshore turbine arrays would help us harness hurricanes >>
* New to the TED2014 speaker lineup… >>
* The physical limit of trick shots in billiards >>

* Electronic Floor Sensors Turn Whole Rooms Into Immersive Touchscreens >>
* NASA’s Kepler mission discovers 715 new planets >>
* Magnetic medicine: nanoparticles+magnetic fields train immune cells to fight cancer >>

* Newly developed chemical restores light perception in blind mice >>
* 3D printer creates hi-res implantable device for customized heart treatment >>
* Jade Rabbit’ Moon Rover Stars in Stunning Lunar Panorama (Photos) >>

* 3D printer creates hi-res implantable device for customized heart treatment >>
* Singularity University to launch exponential finance conference in New York City >>
* TESS exoplanet mission in 2017 and James Webb Space Telescope in 2018 >>

* Elon Musk could disrupt battery market while it enables higher electric car production >>
* Can Quantum Communication Work For Underwater Vehicles and Sensors? >>
* NASA Sparked Fire Risk While Drying Sodden Spacesuit On Station, Report Says >>

* Kepler: Opening the Planet Verification Bottleneck >>
* Getting Closer–NASA’s Discovery of 715 New Planets in Multi-Transiting Systems >>
* Mapping Rain & Snow: How the Global Precipitation Measurement Satellite Works >>

* Can This Smelly Necklace Keep You From Getting Mugged? >>
* Your Phone’s Wi-Fi Hotspot Could Act as an SOS Beacon in a Disaster >>
* Google Wants Its Modular Ara Phone to Cost $50 >>

* GN ReSound® Launches ReSound LiNX™, a Revolutionary Hearing Aid >>
* Impressive video of a B-1B bomber crash landing on a dry lake >>
* Is Adam Driver the next Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode VII? >>

* Can Internet Infrastructure Pay for LED Street Lights? >>
* 76% Of American Internet Users Think The Internet Has Been Good For Society >>
* Smart Locks Expected To Be $3.6 Billion Slice Of Smart Home Pie >>

* Ex-Apple Engineer Launches Moov, The Next Generation Of Wearable Fitness Tracking >>
* New Fitness Trackers Will Record Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make >>
* Terrafore Looks to Cut Molten Salt Energy Storage Costs in Half >>

* Fitbit Wi-Fi Scale, Home Automation Switch, The Best GoPro [Deals] >>
* Autonomous robot construction team builds structures just like termites do >>
* Tesla Will Build Huge New ‘Gigafactory’ >>

* Monsanto pushes Big Data-driven planting but farmers are skeptical >>
* Tesla $5B Gigafactory Bombshell: 500,000 Cars By 2020 >>
* General Electric Goes Long On Gas-Fired Distributed Power; Invests $1.4 Billion >>

* Less Is More With Next-Generation Medical X-rays >>
* The number 1 human-robot conference in the world comes to Bielefeld >>

* Moov fitness gadget can make you better at working out >>
* Moov Might Be the Most Advanced Fitness Wearable Yet >>
* Meet Moov, the fitness tracker that turns Siri into your new personal trainer >>

* Mouse brain atlas maps neural networks to reveal how brain regions interact >>
* Smartphone cameras step closer to high-end power >>
* Pine smell ‘limits’ climate change >>

* Stethoscopes More Contaminated Than Doctors’ Hands >>
* Probing the edge of chaos >>
* Researchers X-ray living cancer cells: Nanodiffraction opens up new physics of life >>

* New Trend: Fitness Trackers for Kids? >>
* 70% of people check Facebook or watch TV before bed >>
* Matter: Stupider With Monogamy >>

* Dark Matter Simulations Help Solve Milky Way Mystery [Video] >>
* Is 4G putting your mobile at risk? Super-fast networks not as secure as older systems >>
* At the Mobile World Congress, a battle to keep up with change >>

* partnership could produce 3D printer; prints objects 500 times faster and 10x larger >>
* What’s Limiting the Impact of GMOs on Global Food Security? >>
* Surgeons shocked to find fully formed teeth in a baby’s brain tumor >>

* Does climate engineering have a future? >>
* Glowfaster fitness jacket provides performance feedback in a flash >>
* 3D printer creates hi-res implantable device for customized heart treatment >>

* Most Americans Would Choose Internet Over TV or Cellphones >>
* As tablet use grows, Wal-Mart offers its own, cheaper brand >>
* Make it work: what should fashion look like in the age of connected devices? >>

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