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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2014

* Fossil reveals transitional link from fins to feet >>
* NASA Confirms the Existence of 715 New Exoplanets >>
* Could we save satellites and astronauts by wiping out the Van Allen belts? >>

* Blippar’s Google Glass App Recognizes Objects, Makes Them Interactive >>
* App Listens for Danger When You’re Not Paying Attention >>
* Google Now Launcher Arrives on Google Play Store, Limited Availability >>

* Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes before they reach land study says >>
* Futurists plan worldwide 24-hour discussion to celebrate Future Day March 1 >>

* NASA Discusses Spacesuit Leak, Safety Today: Listen Live @ 2 p.m. ET >>
* Next SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Gets Landing Legs for March Blastoff to Space Station >>
* Meteorite May Harbor Evidence of Mars Life: Study >>

* Geniuses created a robot that plays Flappy Bird better than humans >>
* Supreme Court Ruling Relaxes Warrant Requirements For Home Searches >>
* Get Ready For An Amazon.com Set-Top Box — Finally >>

* VIDEO: Sports car hits 270 mph in record bid >>
* VIDEO: Supercomputers ‘could boost economy’ >>
* Your next touchscreen device may touch back >>

* Space Elevators: An Assessment of the Technological Feasibility and the Way Forward >>
* Robot Cargo Ships could have 20-50% lower operating costs >>
* Google Schmidt talks to Glenn Beck about Ray Kurzweil and AGI >>

* Connect 2014 >>
* How the “Internet of Things” Will Become as Mainstream as Dropbox >>
* Cheaper Cancer Gene Tests, by the Drop >>

* IDC: Smartphone growth to slow down this year >>
* Samsung tablet boasts multi-screen technology >>
* The iPhone 6 Will Have Faster Wi-Fi Than Any iOS Device Ever >>

* Scientists Have Discovered A New ‘Quasiparticle’ >>
* Social Networks Are Finally Going After Massive Amount Of ‘Unstructured Data’ They’re Collecting >>
* These 9 Robots Are Stealing Our Jobs >>

* Why Apple, Netflix And YouTube Are Paying ISPs To Deliver Their Content >>
* Facebook Has Suddenly Become A Massive Hub For Video >>
* The Future Gone Bad, Part 2: Misplaced Priorities – Feb 27,2014 >>
* Drones to Deliver Government Docs in the United Arab Emirates Next Year >>

* Legal Heroin: Is Virtual Reality Our Next Hard Drug? >>
* Mass General Researchers Use Laser Speckle Rheology to Measure Coagulation of Blood >>
* Virtual arm eases phantom limb pain >>

* These Quadruped Robots Double as Japanese Garden Lamps >>
* The iPhone 6 Is Not Coming In May, But It Is Coming With Sapphire >>
* 3D Printing’s Ability to Transform Supply Chains is Years Away >>

* Chris Anderson’s Expanding Drone Empire >>
* Google Teams Up With FOX To Offer Online Voting Tools For “American Idol” >>
* Smartwatches don’t have to be ugly and this concept is proof >>

* Opternative Is The First Online Eye Exam That Writes You A Prescription >>
* Connect Debuts A “Living” Address Book That Maps Your Nearby Friends >>
* Hubble monitors supernova in nearby galaxy M82 >>

* Better remote-sensing explosive detectors: beginning of end of full-body scanners? >>
* Researchers Generate New Neurons in Brains, Spinal Cords of Living Adult Mammals >>
* Are HORMONES to blame for world’s biggest financial crashes? >>

* Scientists twist sound with metamaterials >>
* Moon-Smashing Meteorite Recorded by Astronomers >>
* Chips may replace corn for harvesting solar fuels >>

* After Microsoft Deal, What’s Left of Nokia Will Bet on Internet of Things >>
* How Big Is Our Universe? >>

* Final Olympic Medal Count Compared to Predictions >>
* Aurora over New Zealand >>
* Plans for the US Army to shrink to 440-450,000 soldiers >>

* Ford’s Smooth-Driving Autonomous Research Car >>
* EasilyDo: Your Smart Assistant So You Never Miss Anything >>
* Earth’s Oldest Crust Dates to 4.4 Billion Years Ago >>

* Hands On With Meta Pro, Augmented Reality Glasses With 16X More Screen Than Google Glass >>
* Lumus and eyeSight deal brings gesture control to DK-40 smart glasses hand-on >>
* Vodafone’s network in a backpack connects people after natural disasters >>

* Dual-lens smartphone cameras are coming, and this is why we want one >>
* Taking a step toward a machine that can think >>
* Simulating biological thought process within a computer system >>

* Microbots: Automation Revolution Continues with Miniaturized Electronics >>
* Introducing ERWIN, the robot with feelings >>
* Kepler telescope bags huge haul of planets >>

* Smell of forest pine can limit climate change – researchers >>
* Chile’s stunning fossil whale graveyard explained >>
* Welcome to Googletown >>

* Upcoming 4K Android tablet games could blow away anything you see on the iPad >>
* The audacious rescue plan that might have saved space shuttle Columbia >>
* Who owns the moon? We’re just going to have to get up there and find out >>

* Could Google end sweatshop labor? >>

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