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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 February 2014

* Wilocity uncloaks 4.6Gb/sec Wi-Fi for next year’s smartphones >>
* ER Wait Watcher Finds the Nearest Emergency Room with a Short Wait >>
* Scientists demonstrate first contagious airborne WiFi virus >>

* Tiny Crystal Is Oldest Known Piece of Earth, Scientists Say >>
* Physicists find a new ‘state of matter’ in the eyes of chickens >>
* Lassie And Timmy Hear Vocals In Same Brain Area >>

* Tiny rotating ‘pinwheels’ may clarify origin of life >>
* Researchers hijack cancer migration mechanism to ‘move’ brain tumors >>
* New wireless tech may radically transform mobile video streaming >>

* SpaceX Adds Landing Legs to Falcon 9 Rocket for Next Launch, Elon Musk Says (Photo) >>
* Will plug-in electric cars crash the electric grid? >>
* Next generation Super eggs made from plant proteins >>

* VIDEO: Device ‘sees who’s at the door’ >>
* AUDIO: Products airbrushed into film and TV >>
* Water is detected in a planet outside our solar system >>

* VIDEO: Hands-on with ‘$25 smartphone’ >>
* Preparing for the Distant Future of Civilization >>
* Robots, Drones and Subs: Where Should the Military Invest? >>

* The ‘smart’ £199 toothbrush that links with your phone to tell you if you’re brushing your teeth too hard or too quickly >>
* Iranian teacher builds robot to teach prayer >>
* Wearable computers could act like a sixth sense >>

* Another promising nanoparticle approach to fighting cancer >>
* The Problem With Serious Games–Solved >>
* A $629 Ultrasecure Phone Aims to Protect Personal Data >>

* Construction of Giant Telescope in Hawaii Could Begin This Summer >>
* Tiny NASA Sun Probe Sees Its Biggest Solar Flare Yet (Video) >>
* Graphene found to efficiently absorb radio waves >>

* A Virginia Tech biologist has proposed a revolutionary new way of classifying all living organisms. >>
* Is this Doctor Who’s brand new companion? >>
* Samsung Galaxy S5 Hands On: A Tiny Dimpled Step Into the Future >>

* No Tree Is Safe From This Chainsaw-Wielding Robot >>
* The Samsung Galaxy S5’s Killer Camera Feature: Speed >>
* Apple Releases iBeacon Specifications Under Non-Disclosure Agreement >>

* Since Facebook Owns WhatsApp, Here Are 5 Alternative Messaging Services >>
* Samsung To Release A Galaxy S5 With An 8-Core Processor >>
* Self-completing programs >>

* How to create selective holes in graphene >>
* Big Data Under The Surface At Mobile World Congress >>
* Buying A Smartphone? These Are The Only Features That Matter >>

* Smartphone-based voting technology may lead to fewer user errors >>
* Leaked Image of Super Tiny Samsung Mirrorless Camera Is Kind of Crazy >>

* The Farmbot makes growing food as easy as playing Farmville: >>
* Scientists complete the top quark puzzle >>
* Glove delivers electrical pulses to improve touch for stroke victims and the elderly >>

* More AI for developers as Expect Labs releases the MindMeld API >>
* New record set for data-transfer speeds >>
* Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal >>

* How smart tech is shaping the future >>
* THE INTERNET IS FUCKED (but we can fix it) >>
* Motorola plans to launch a smartwatch later this year >>

* Google Street View Gets More Imagery From Under The Sea >>
* The Most Massive Object in the Universe—How Was It Created? >>

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