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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2014

* Samsung Galaxy S5: Everything You Need To Know >>
* Samsung’s Gear Fit Is a Tiny Smartwatch and a Hot Fitness Tracker in One >>
* Samsung’s New Smartphone Can Track Your Heartbeat >>

* Samsung adds biometrics to new phone >>
* Facebook aims to ‘connect the world’ >>
* Mobile World Congress: “Windroid” From Nokia; a Full-Touch E-Ink Russian Phone >>

* Single-chip device to provide real-time ultrasonic 3D images from inside the heart and blood vessels >>
* Rice’s carbon nanotube fibers outperform copper >>
* Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance >>

* Augmented Reality Gets to Work >>
* Fujitsu develops glove-style tech >>
* LG is reportedly building Google’s smartwatch >>
* How a Mars Mission Could Ease California’s Future Droughts >>

* The Future Gone Bad Part 1: Human Downgrades – Feb 25,2014 >>
* Microbots: Automation Revolution Continues with Miniaturized Electronics >>
* Building Artificial Cells Will Be a Noisy Business >>

* Intel Touts New Ultra-High-Speed Wireless Data Technology >>
* Improved Single Photon Detector will enables long distance space communication with 100 times better sensitivity >>
* Samsung Weans Itself From Android— at Least for Smart Watches >>

* This Hearing Aid Connects to an iPhone and Adapts to Your Surroundings >>
* Future Technology: Mind Invasion? >>
* Forget WhatsApp! –NASA Creates App to Trace Evolution of Cosmic Carbon and Probe Conditions Spanning the Universe >>

* Watch a Car-Sized Asteroid Slam Into the Moon >>
* Incredible Technology: Space ‘Harpoons’ Could Snatch Samples of Asteroids and Moons >>
* Most Puzzling Particle in the Universe –Physicists Discover Way to Create >>

* intense-auroras-groove-over-swedish-mountains >>
* Our Samsung Galaxy S5 Liveblog Starts at 2PM ET/11AM PT Right Here >>
* Mobe operators, need to check your network? There’s an app for that >>

* This wearable Sony concept will let you document your life with photos >>
* Whatsapp Is Actually Worth More Than $19B, Says Facebook’s Zuckerberg >>

* Google Adds an “Unsubscribe” Button Right to Your Inbox >>
* Three Ways to Win Stuff by Doing Something Cool and Fun With Robots >>
* The Rise of the Monolithic 3-D Chip >>

* Monetizing Telco Big Data: Location, Location, Location >>
* Audience’s new motion sensing chip lets your phone track longer, more detailed runs >>
* GigaOm Structure >>

* Hydrogen explosion vs. oxygen explosion — which one wins for biggest? >>
* IBM bets $1 billion on PaaS to boost cloud apps >>
* Fujitsu plans to launch feel-o-vision haptic tablets by 2015 >>

* Robot research firm Willow Garage closes its doors >>
* Intel catches up with Apple on 64-bit smartphone chips >>
* Portable Spectrometer Sniffs Out Citrus Blight >>

* Space research pays for itself, but inspires fewer people >>
* People Are More Moral in the Morning >>
* Technologies for Hacking the Brain >>

* Here’s what 650,000 selfies tell us about human nature >>
* Brain signals from a primate directly move paralyzed limbs in another primate ‘avatar’ >>
* Google’s Ray Kurzweil claims computer robots will outsmart humans within 15 years >>

* Future of Civilization >>
* The future of mining >>
* Earth 2314: Humanity scatters its populations to the stars >>

* The Age of Explorers Is Not Over >>
* This amazing 3d printer can create complex metal objects in thin air! >>

* How Cash Would Be Seen by the Media if Invented Today >>
* The amazing, surprising, Africa-driven demographic future of the Earth, in 9 charts >>
* Awesome intersection design >>

* North Korea seen from space reveals a country living in the dark >>
* What will life be like when digital brains outnumber humans? >>
* Taking biomedical research at CERN to the next level >>

* IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X >>
* 3D-printing loom envisions a wardrobe that can be produced at home >>

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