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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 February 2014

* Mobile World Congress: Preview >>
* Samsung unveils Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches >>
* Samsung to Privately Demo the World’s First Bendable Tablet at Mobile World Congress >>

* Samsung Galaxy S5: 12 Rumors Analyzed >>
* Mozilla plans ‘$25 smartphone’ for emerging markets >>
* At Mobile World Congress, a Sign of Tech Industry’s Shifting Focus >>
* New smartphone OS flags will fly at Mobile World Congress >>
* VIDEO: Video goggles for hospital patients >>
* Samsung’s Android Escape Plan, And What It Means for You >>

* Bits Blog: Samsung Introduces Two New Smartwatches >>
* Google’s Smart Watch Is Still Months Away >>
* Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch adds iHeartRadio >>
* Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches coming in April with Tizen OS and better battery life >>

* One-second movie downloads on next mobile network >>
* The New 5G Networks Will Be Faster, Smarter, And Hyperconnected To Everything >>
* Mobile World Congress 2014: What to expect at the biggest mobile show on Earth >>

* This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on Only One Drop of Blood >>
* Dutch scientists flap to the future with ‘insect’ drone >>

* Gillmor Gang: WhatsApp, Doc >>
* Engadget’s smartphone buyer’s guide: winter 2014 edition >>
* Atom circuits a step closer >>
* Border’s New Sentinels Are Robots, Penetrating Deepest Drug Routes >>

* Dogs’ brain scans reveal vocal responses >>
* Rise of the compliant machines: Sociable humanoids could help advance human-robot interaction >>
* 3D-printing robot creates freestanding metal structures >>

* New jet-powered drone can kill 1,800 miles From home base >>
* Scientists transform skin cells into functioning liver cells >>
* Tabby, The ‘Open Source’ Car You Can Build Yourself >>

* The Next Revolutions: Drones Vs. Phones >>
* Fitness Tracking Comes To Your Ankle >>
* WhatsApp Deal Bets on a Few Fewer ‘Friends’ >>

* The Inside Story of How Olympic Timekeeping Is So Amazingly Precise >>
* We’re live from Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona! >>
* China’s bullet trains facilitate market integration and mitigate the cost of megacity growth >>

* The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30) >>
* A new micro-robotic technique for 3D-printing tissues >>
* Game Developers Conference 2014 >>

* New source of fresh neurons found in human brains >>
* Things that Make Us Smart: Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the Machine >>
* How to catch a derelict satellite >>

* New algorithm arranges pictures artistically >>
* Is Netflix Slowing Down? Good Luck Finding Out Why. >>
* Intelligent Alien Life Could Be Found by 2040 >>

* Micro and Nano delivery platforms can change the way we administer therapy to allow for precise drug delivery over months and deliverying large molecules through body barriers >>
* An Incredible Visualization of Asteroids from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey >>
* Powerful New Next-Gen US/Japan GPM Satellite to Revolutionize Global Precipitation Observations and Climate Science Research >>

* How We Will Retrieve Dead Satellites In The Future? Hint: It Likely Won’t Be Using Astronauts >>
* UrtheCast Cameras Outside Space Station Send First Data Home >>
* This Robot Arm Can 3D-Print Molten Metal in Midair >>

* Scientists Turn Off Pain Using Nothing But Light >>
* Why Mobile Could Be The Primary Driver of 4K >>
* Mobile Contacts Are Now The Real Social Network >>

* Facebook Investor Peter Thiel Calls Technology A “Scapegoat” For Inequality >>
* Weekly Roundup: Mega-messaging apps, smart toys and ‘soda wars’ >>

* Will Today’s Digital Movies Exist in 100 Years? >>
* CrowdAmp crowdsources, predicts app energy usage >>
* Microsoft Lync Server Gathers Employee Data Just Like NSA >>

* How to Get a Job at Google >>
* This Solar-Powered Medical Airship Can Go Where Other Emergency Vehicles Can’t >>
* Facebook starts testing Highlights, a feed that shows only important life events >>

* Samsung and UCSF create a research space for mobile health tech >>
* IP Traffic in 2017: 1.4 Zettabytes >>
* Connected Hospitals Give Patients Real-Time Access To Health Information >>

* Lasers: Coming to a Theater Near You >>
* Oppo’s 2K-ready Find 7 makes first appearance, lets you swap batteries >>
* Welcome to Algorithmic Prison >>

* Graphene Films Promise Secure Wireless Networks >>
* India Plans to Install 26 Million Solar-powered Water Pumps >>
* 3D printing takes on metal at Amsterdam lab (w/ video) >>

* NASA researcher finds planet-sized space weather explosions at Venus >>
* Can stem cells make old muscles strong again? >>
* Could a Gravity-style disaster happen? 18,000lb lost satellite may trigger a deadly cloud of space junk >>

* Interplanetary comms get easier with a nanotech boost >>
* MIND Reviews: My Age of Anxiety >>
* Architecting the connected world >>

* A Doctor Is Building A Powerful Smartphone App That ‘Can Tell You If Your Mother Drank While She Was Pregnant With You’ >>
* Amazon’s Apple TV-Killer Is Coming This Spring >>
* Terminator style liquid robot may not be too far off >>

* Rapid advances in robot body, brain and mind >>
* Neurala has highly parallel GPU based neural networks for better AI and self driving robotics >>
* RNA –Does It Harbor a Clue to the Origin of Life on Earth? >>

* How the World’s Next Tallest Building Will Be Built >>
* How Mozilla Thinks It Can Punch Above Its Weight With Firefox OS Smartphones >>
* Texas Instruments shrinks its HD DLP Pico projector chip down to 0.3-inches >>

* James Woods’ Nightmare: Technology Invading Our Minds >>
* Scientists to Create Coldest Spot in Universe on Space Station (Video) >>
* Amid shake-up, US cell carriers look to new models >>

* Researchers pinpoint brain region essential for social memory >>
* Internet ‘fuels procrastination and lowers productivity’ >>
* Peter addressed a session in Dubai last week, titled “The World In 2050.” >>

* Sequencing hundreds of nuclear genes in the sunflower family now possible >>
* Metal in the heart is non-hazardous to health >>
* What’s next—the horizon of our dreams >>

* DNA prostate test ‘will predict deadliest cancer risk’ >>
* The business of play: inside the weird world of Toy Fair 2014 >>
* Are the robots about to rise? Google’s new director of engineering thinks so… >>

* Stack Overflow Could Explain Toyota Vehicles’ Unintended Acceleration >>
* Meet The People Who Want To Print A Home In A Day >>

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