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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 February 2014

* Kopin Pupil hands-on: Glass tech without geek looks >>
* New Planet-Hunting Telescope To Join Search For Alien Earths In 2024 >>
* The Idea Machine: Transformations Are All Around – Feb 22,2014 >>

* The Facebook/WhatsApp Deal Is Bad News For Telcos >>
* Artificial ‘Yarn Muscles’ 100X Stronger Than Human Muscles >>
* New Website Tracks Deforestation in Near Real-Time >>

* Most precise measurement of electron! 0.000548579909067 of an atomic mass >>
* Expect Labs: The Intellient Assistant That Can Understand Your Conversation >>
* Cats and Dogs May See in Ultraviolet >>

* Forget looks and personality – it’s a VOICE that attracts us to people >>
* Google Figured Out A Way To Map The Inside Of Your House Using A Smartphone >>
* Hacking House Plants To Make Music When They’re Touched >>

* Microsoft’s Cortana Could Combine the Best Parts of Siri and Google Now >>
* Elon Musk: An Apple-Tesla Merger is “Very Unlikely” >>
* 25 Obsolete Technologies That Future Generations Will Never Know >>

* Are bots taking over Wikipedia? >>
* Consciousness and the Brain: Deciphering How the Brain Codes Our Thoughts >>
* Stretchable, bendable optical interconnections for body sensors, robotic skin >>

* Why Facebook Thinks WhatsApp is Worth $16B. >>
* This Fitness Wristband Wants to Play Doctor >>
* Asteroid Swarm ‘Pounded’ Pulsar Star, Causing Changes Visible From Earth >>

* This “Pure” New Laser Makes Fiber Optic Networks 20x Better >>
* Sensors Show Figure Skaters Absorb 8x Their Own Body Weight After Jumps >>

* The Curiosity Rover is driving in reverse to protect its dented wheels >>
* Military Drones Are Looking More and More Like Star Wars Characters >>
* Chicago’s new police computer predicts crimes, but is it racist? >>

* NASA reveals the mystery of how stars explode >>
* Google I/O is officially scheduled for June 25-26th. >>
* Why Genius Strikes in Your Late Thirties >>

* New Google WiFi app to automatically log you into Starbucks and other hotspots >>
* Bitcoin Is The New PayPal >>
* Samba Offers A New Video Messaging App That Records Your Friends’ Reactions >>

* MIT Robots Adapt and Collaborate Under Real World Conditions >>
* Your Future Car May Be A Living Room on Wheels >>
* Apple Patents iPad Smart Magnets For Attaching Controllers, Cameras More >>

* 38 SXSW 2014 Panels You Can’t Miss >>
* Sony laser pico projector module beams out focus-free HD images >>
* uTorrent Speeds Up Downloads and Counters DDoS Attacks >>

* Make the world your instrument with Mogees and a smartphone (video) >>
* Don’t Worry, Doctor Robonaut Is Here to Help >>
* Intel lays down case for software focus >>

* WeChat: China’s popular mobile messaging app >>
* Scientists create powerful artificial muscle with fishing line >>
* Human and dog brains both have dedicated ‘voice areas’ >>

* Ants build raft to escape flood, protect queen >>
* Most of us have made best memories by age 25 >>
* Facebook could have bought the entire NBA instead of WhatsApp >>
* Grass Sacrifices Itself for Humans >>

* Can stem cells heal broken hearts? >>
* Coffee Is About To Get More Expensive >>
* Office Online And OneDrive, Microsoft’s Latest Alternative To Google Docs >>

* Google+ Doesn’t Mind Being Also-Ran Social Network — Data Is What It’s After >>
* The Jet-Powered Truck Can Hit 375 Miles Per Hour >>
* The Myth of the Bell Curve >>

* Powering Up the Watson Ecosystem >>
* Beckon Wants To Help Marketeers Make Sense Of Data, Track Spend On-The-Fly >>
* Google Tango Smartphone To Experiment W Computer Vision And 3D Sensors >>

* Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana borrows the best of Siri and Google Now >>
* 5TB hard drives are here, shipping now in LaCie’s five-bay NAS >>
* Your Next Online Order Could Be Delivered To Your Car’s Trunk >>

* Samsung Galaxy S5: A Look Ahead >>
* Clearpath Uses Thalmic’s Myo Armband To Pilot A Robot, Jaeger Control Surely Coming >>
* The Facebook/WhatsApp Deal Is Bad News For Telcos >>

* Surprise: Elephants Comfort Upset Friends >>
* This Shocking Prototype Condom Adds Wiring >>

* We ‘Hype’ Alien World Findings Amid Little Data, Exoplanet Scientist Says >>
* Generation Like >>
* MIT Cold Fusion IAP 2014 Monday January 27, 2014 (Full Lecture) HD >>

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