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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 February 2014

* Robotic EcoMow cuts and uses grass as fuel >>
* Google; to replace passwords with SOUNDS: app lets you access accounts by singing >>
* Necklace projectors will throw emails onto the floor >>

* Scientists discover new SHAPE; first time in 400 years (its just like a football) >>
* Apple ‘exploring move into electric cars’ >>
* Google plans aerospace, robotics projects for Hangar One >>

* Bypassing chicken; Artificial egg set to take on China: Radical plant-based egg >>
* ‘Cancer monorail’ can kill tumours >>
* VIDEO: Robot builders inspired by animals >>

* Will SpaceX Super Rocket Kill NASA’s ‘Rocket to Nowhere’? >>
* Secret is the tech scene’s latest addiction >>
* App uses your mobile phone for R&D while you sleep >>

* ‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid 2000 EM26 to fly close to Earth >>
* Philips’ smart lighting tells you where to go in the grocery store >>
* Pill to cure ‘couch potatoes’ ? >>

* For Mice, and Maybe Men, Pain Is Gone in a Flash >>
* AT&T, Comcast seek share of home security market >>
* Apple, Google Had It With ‘Flappy Bird’ Clones, Denying Similar Games >>

* The Coming Problem With Electric Cars–How to Charge Them All >>
* Scientists Create Pizza That Can Last Years >>

* A Revolutionary Night Vision Camera That Lets You See in Full Color >>
* The measure of the universe through doppler lensing >>
* Over 300 apply for ice cream jobs >>

* Are our best minds being wasted? >>
* Google Thinks It Can Replace Passwords With Inaudible Sounds >>
* Human lungs successfully grown in a lab for the first time >>

* You, Too, Can Be Mummified in Utah >>
* Finding Intelligent ETs >>
* Recording of David Brin Future Salon >>

* The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History >>
* Miniaturized hearing aids that will fit into the ear canal >>
* Super-bright, fast X-ray free-electron lasers can now image single layer of proteins >>

* Wearable glasses help surgeons view cancer cells in real time >>
* Apple may look to acquire or partner with Elon Musk and Tesla >>
* A Battery With Liquid Electrodes Can Be Recharged or Refilled >>

* Frequency >>
* Zooniverse Reaches One Million Volunteers >>
* 1,000-Year-Old Black Hole –The Youngest in the Milky Way >>

* Space Dust Is Filled with Building Blocks for Life >>
* Where Did Earth’s Water Come From? >>
* Samsung; Foldable Display that Integrates Ultrasonic, Infrared Sensors f Next Gen Pen >>

* No, An Apple Device Won’t Tell You If You’re Having A Heart Attack >>
* Are You Ready For The Future of Work? >>
* Whatever Happened To the IPv4 Address Crisis? >>

* The Singularity Is Further Than It Appears >>
* The Singularity is Still Closer than it Appears >>

* Crocodiles can climb trees: researchers (Ok, expect movie!) >>
* New US Military Space Plane Aims for 2017 Liftoff >>
* Researchers build world’s most powerful terahertz laser chip >>

* Meet All-Star Team Medical Experts, Designers Apple Hired To Build The iWatch >>
* Back to the Future: Scientists Develop Aging Reversal Chemical >>
* Researchers rejuvenate stem cells from elderly mice, enabling muscle recovery >>

* The Robot That Makes Virtual Sex Feel Real >>
* Quantum communication scheme provides security without quantum memories >>

* Philips takes on Apple’s iBeacon with lights that send deals to your smartphone >>
* You May Soon Be Able To Mirror Your Android Screen To Your TV With Chromecast >>
* Scientists create ‘highway of death’ for cancer >>

* The best cameramen at the Olympics are drones >>

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