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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 February 2014

* Scientists count whales from space >>
* Math activates same brain region as great art or music >>
* Facebook adding new gender options for users >>

* Comcast, Time Warner Cable confirm $45B deal >>
* Comcast CEO has vision beyond cable and broadband >>
* Fifty-five genes linked to powerful tumor suppressor predict breast cancer survival >>

* SMART blinds: Clip-on gadget automatically adjusts according to daylight, temperature >>
* Brain process takes paper shape >>
* ‘There is no DNA test to prove you’re Native American’ >>

* Experience Just How Big the Universe is, in One Mind-Blowing Interactive >>
* Are we nearing the end of science? >>
* Microsoft wants AI with personality >>

* No authorisation required for hyperlinks to copyright works, CJEU says >>
* Y Combinator-Backed Beacon Offers A New Approach To Crowdfunding Journalism >>
* How to Design an Interstellar Communications System >>

* Intel wants to be the ‘operating system’ for big data >>
* Video: ORACLE TEAM USA’s Lessons For IT Pros >>
* Hyperlinking is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules >>

* The physics of curly hair >>
* Humans Account for Less Than 40% of Global Web Traffic >>
* Marc Andreessen: Tech Is Still Recovering From A Depression >>

* NASA Testing Robots for Satellite Refueling Missions >>
* Why Google Is Investing In Deep Learning >>
* 45 Million Smartwatches Expected to Ship by 2017 >>

* Graphene’s Newest Trick Is Fighting Deadly Blood Clots >>
* Tomorrow’s Spacecraft Could Be Made of the Same Bone You Are >>
* How memory and schizophrenia are connected >>

* Investors throw cash at affordable 3D scanner >>
* The World’s Largest Solar Plant Started Creating Electricity Today * >>
* Earthquake Damage Has This Giant Telescope Hanging by a Thread >>

* This Is Too Awesome: DARPA’s Building Real Flying Transformers! >>
* When Doves Fly: Swarm Of Tiny Satellites Shot From Space Station >>
* China Moon Rover Survives Lunar Night, ‘Stands a Chance’ of Recovery >>

* Your virtual avatar can impact your real-world behavior, researchers suggest >>
* The Shadowy World Of Wikipedia’s Editing Bots >>
* A future cochlear implant with no exterior hardware required >>

* Google works with Foxconn to create a new generation of factory manufacturing robots >>
* Samsung’s Tizen Will Hit the Ground Running with Android Apps >>
* ‘Smart’ high-tech dog collar goes on sale in Japan >>

* Motion-capture cameras, computer software assist skaters with jumps >>
* Men have bigger brains than women, research reveals >>
* Google’s Ray Kurzweil envisions new era of search >>

* The World’s Most Powerful 3-D Laser Imager >>
* Research reveals structure of key CRISPR complex >>
* Ancient DNA Ties Native Americans From Two Continents To Clovis >>

* Interactive map of human genetic history revealed >>
* Self-organizing robots: Robotic construction crew needs no foreman (w/ video) >>
* Robot army ‘to help future floods’ >>

* The ‘Internet Of Things’ Will Be Bigger Than The Smartphone, Tablet, And PC Markets Combined >>
* The internet of things will soon be history >>
* Managing Big Data for Science in the Age of Supercomputers >>

* Wristband Lets Users Unlock Bitcoin Wallets With Heartbeats >>
* Could a juiced-up particle accelerator destroy the Earth? >>

* Tissue engineering helps fix damaged hearts >>
* Brains in Action >>
* Nex Band is a smart, modular charm bracelet for gaming on your wrist >>

* Why Satya Nadella Has a Fighting Chance of Saving Microsoft From Itself >>
* Big Bang Secrets Swirling in a Fluid Universe >>

* Termites inspire robot builders >>

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