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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 February 2014

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* High-Powered Lasers Deliver Fusion Energy Breakthrough >>
* Sell Your Personal Data for $8 a Month >>
* Google’s Robotics Team Is Reportedly Partnering With Foxconn On Automation Projects >>

* Space Station to Get a ‘Laser Cannon’ >>
* 3D reconstruction of 415-million-year-old fish head reveals how we got our FACE >>
* The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Chip Will Make Smartwatches Last Longer >>

* Google working on 10 gigabit Internet speeds >>
* Microsoft Might Be Bringing Android Apps to Windows Phone >>
* Nanomotors Could Churn Inside of Cancer Cells to Mush >>

* The next step: 3D printing the human body >>
* Phone device that ‘sends’ smells could help treat Alzheimer’s >>

* How MIT Plans To Educate A Billion People By 2021 >>
* Searching for the software stack for the physical world >>
* Police departments have their eye on Google Glass >>

* Herding robots >>
* NTT, NEC launch real-time 4K/60p video compression unit >>
* Being Contextually Relevant Increasing Customer Loyalty >>

* Microsoft staffs up its evolving Internet of Things team >>
* NASA, France Team Up for 2016 Mars Lander Mission >>
* Marissa Mayer ‘very excited’ about contextual search >>

* Apple, Time-Warner in talks over new Apple TV device: report >>
* Apple reportedly facing hurdles with smartwatch production >>
* Apple’s smartwatch could use solar power and wireless charging: NYT >>

* Silicon Valley Business Journal Google’s Kurzweil says the machines will think for themselves by 2040, and oh we’ll be immortal >>
* Japan plans to restart 10 nuclear reactors by summer >>
* Quantum computers could crack existing codes but create others much harder to break >>

* IBM’s Watson Group Makes First Startup Investment In “Social Health Management” Pioneer, Welltok >>
* Fibre Channel will come with 32-Gigabit, 128-Gigabit speeds in 2016 >>

* New self-healing polymers require no chemicals of catalysts >>
* First map of core white-matter connections of human brain developed at USC >>
* Red-light-sensitive protein discovery enables more complex studies of neuron interactions >>

* Laser Headlights Promise More Intense, Controllable Beams >>
* Small Step Toward Nuclear Fusion Energy, Giant Leap Still Needed >>
* From Stone Age to Space Age: Bone pigment helps probe >>

* Facebook Can Tell When You Should Get Married >>
* Smart billboards will soon talk to your smartphone >>
* Height matters – but only to women, scientists say >>

* Exhaustion may help us make ‘healthy’ decisions >>
* The Cosmos, Explained: Neil deGrasse Tyson On His New Series >>
* Google To Lease And Restore NASA’s Famous Hangar One >>

* Media drones prompt aviation rules push >>
* A 3D Reconstruction of the World’s Oldest Face >>
* How Your Body’s Unique Biosignatures Are Used for Surveillance >>

* Superbeam Shares Files Between Android Devices Without Wi-Fi >>
* Netflix Is Following A Host Of Social Networks In Ramping Up Artificial Intelligence Efforts >>
* Quantum Consciousness: Do Our Minds Control Reality? – Feb 13,2014 >>

* Can Google’s robots build a new future for US manufacturing? >>
* The Day We Fight Back: can an internet protest stop the NSA?* >>
* ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ expected to shoot from May to September >>

* The Case Against Wearables, Or Why We Won’t All Look Like The Borg This Year >>
* Camels Had No Business in Genesis >>
A Tiny New Chip Promises Internet 400 Times Faster Than Google Fiber >>

* Watch Two Crazy People Climb the World’s Second Tallest Building >>
* Wearables Market Heating Up, With More Than 17M Bands Forecast To Ship This Year, Says Canalys >>
* io9 gives the new Robocop movie a thumbs up >>

* Graphene-based material prevents blood clots: >>
* Here’s What The Earth Would Look Like Without Ice >>
* 15 moon shots for energy, food and water, courtesy of Google >>

* Israeli Company Is On Its Way To Create The World’s First Insulin Pill For Diabetes >>
* Pentagon’s Robot Sewing Machines Take Aim at China’s Factories >>
* SpaceX’s Elon Musk predicts super heavy Mars colony launch vehicles in 10 years >>

* How Your Body’s Unique Biosignatures Are Used for Surveillance >>
* How to Design an Interstellar Communications System >>
* NASA Is 3D Bioprinting Wood? >>

* Clever technology decodes more information from single photons >>

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