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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 February 2014

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* It Took 60,000 Years to Kill Nearly Everything on Earth >>
* Scientists create computer chips that can ‘listen’ to bacteria >>

* New high-tech glasses help doctors ‘see’ cancer >>
* Eye-scanning delivery drones to launch in UAE >>

* What Next, Taking Google Blimps To Work? >>
* Google Glass is Going Mainstream with Vision Insurance Coverage >>
* The 2014 Google tracker—Everything we know Google is working on this year >>

* Hero or villain? Online avatar to tell >>
* The Future Of Mobile Is Figuring Out What You Want Before You Do >>
* Gillmor Gang: Stirred Not Shaken >>

* First ‘Cubesats’ in Record-Breaking Fleet Launched from Space Station >>
* Fermilab’s Neutrino Detector Sees Its First Particles >>
* Creating New Gear To Help Humans Survive Arctic Odds >>

* Gates Reddit AMA: Next-gen condoms, NSA, Bitcoin, his new role at Microsoft >>
* Intel’s 15-core Xeon server chip has 4.31 billion transistors >>
* Video: First Footage Surfaces Of New Iranian Submarine >>

* New Desalination Technique Also Cleans and Disinfects Water >>
* Genome Surgery >>

* TV you can fold up – researchers reveal golden mesh material they say could lead to fold up phones and gadgets >>
* How your busy schedule could be controlling your mind >>
* The U.S. is in an under-the-radar space race with China — and it’s losing >>

* People Think You’re Good At Art If You’re A Weirdo >>
* Europe’s Billion-Star Mapping Spacecraft Snaps 1st Photo (Image) >>
* A Simple 3D-Printed Plastic Adapter Turns Anything Into a Stool >>

* First 3-D movies of living sperm >>
* Researchers control nanomotors inside living cells for the first time >>
* Scientists Put Tiny Sound-Powered Motors Inside Living Cells >>

* Researchers’ non-flammable battery could make laptop fires a thing of the past >>
* LG’s heart-rate tracking earbuds could arrive in the US soon >>
* Use Your Smartphone To Buy Groceries. In Bitcoins. >>

* Myo Armband Provides Effortless Gesture Control of Robots, Anything Else >>
* A Hearing Device With No Stigmatizing External Hardware >>
* MIT robot may accelerate trials for stroke medications >>

* Why the Internet of Things Is More 1876 Than 1995 >>
* How The Internet Of Things Is More Like The Industrial Revolution Than The Digital Revolution >>

* Verizon Discontinues Home Automation Service After 2 Years >>
* Scientists Solve Mystery of World-Traveling Plant >>
* Now on Google Earth: 150 Years of Global Temperature Data >>

* Bill Gates Explains His New Role At Microsoft, Says Nadella Asked Him To “Pitch In” >>
* Bill Gates weighs in on the new Microsoft, philanthropy and leaping over chairs >>
* NASA Finds Clues That There’s Flowing Water On Mars >>

* Foxconn Might Assemble Your Next Smartphone in Indonesia—Using Robots >>
* There have been five mass extinctions in Earth’s history. Now we’re facing a sixth. >>
* Proof that drones will completely change the way everyone makes movies >>

* Even Diapers are Now Becoming Smart Thanks to Wetness Sensor >>
* Human Brains Now Understand Smiley Emoticon Like A Real Face >>
* Mass extinction happened in the blink of an eye: Scientists >>

* HLN Will Be Powered by Twitter and Facebook >>
* UK to spend £2.5bn on F-35 fighters >>
* No Hands! Mind-Controlled Helicopter Flies On Brainwaves >>

* Should We Use Devices to Make Us Smarter? >>
* Researchers make breakthrough in battery technology >>
* Engineering The Ideal Olympian: Personalized Skeleton Sled >>

* Targeting tumors: Ion beam accelerators take aim at cancer >>
* Scientists to map genome of medieval English king Richard III >>
* Hubble and Cassini get a 360-degree view of Saturn’s auroras (w/ video) >>

* US officials debate launching drone strike on American citizen >>
* Hackers aren’t the problem at Sochi; surveillance is >>

* Maryland lawmakers want to cripple the NSA’s headquarters >>
* Better RNA interference, inspired by nature: New nanoparticles offer best-ever gene silencing: >>
* Research Discovers New Ways Of Treating Schizophrenia >>

* Powerful fibre laser is cheap and compact >>
* A Hearing Device With No Stigmatizing External Hardware >>
* New way to measure electron pair interactions >>

* AliveCor launches smartphone-enabled heart monitor, analysis services direct-to-consumer >>
* New tracking technology to spot smaller asteroid threats >>

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