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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 February 2014

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* Milky Way-Mapping Telescope Nabs Its First Pictures In Space >>
* Researchers Put Tails On Chickens To Make Them Walk Like Dinosaurs >>
* Now, your body odour to be your ID! >>

* New Type of Star Can Emerge From Inside Black Holes, Say Cosmologists >>
* Nearly 40 Teams At Starting Line Of Inspiration Mars Mission Competition >>
* A microchip for metastasis >>

* Google+ Hangouts for Business Just Got Real >>
* Google Launches $999 Meeting-Room-In-A-Box >>
* New awesome car carries a drone for terrain reconnoissance >>

* This iPhone-Sized Device Can Hack A Car, Researchers Plan To Demonstrate >>
* India Aims High With 4-Gigawatt Solar Plant >>
* DARPA taps IBM to help create self-destructing gizmos for the battlefield >>

* World-first breakthrough for small unmanned aircraft >>
* Will the Apple iWatch watch over your health? >>
* Did a lack of flowers kill off the woolly mammoth? >>

* A lot of scooping up Antimatter for reaction would enable interstellar starships top-speed of 0.999999996 c, human lifespan trips of 20,000 light years >>
* Genetic Switches Turn Off Pain >>
* Keen On… Second Machine Age: Will Humans Still Have A Role In Economy Of Brilliant Technologies? >>

* Steve Wozniak tells Apple to build an Android phone >>
* Uzbekistan reportedly wants genetic tests to spot future Olympians >>
* Study: It’s Not Too Much Desire, But Too Little Self-Control That Gets Us Into Trouble >>

* Smart Aqua Meter >>
* VIDEO: Google Search altered to avoid fine >>
* Can Stratus Redefine Cloud Datacenters Through Its High Availability Technology? >>

* A Mind-Controlled Robotic Hand With A Sense Of Touch >>
* MITRE-Harvard nanocomputer may point the way to future computer miniaturization >>
* Dwave Systems has rapidly evolving process for creating quantum superconducting chip >>

* Advanced Concepts 2014 Conference Update nuclear fusion for propulsion >>
* NASA Institute Advanced concepts look at a conceptual solution to asteroid threats >>
* The Wealthy in Bel Air live 12 years longer than people in Watts >>

* The first flexible, transparent, and conductive material >>
* Game of Thrones’ season 4 sets are so detailed they’ll blow your mind >>
* Milestone Tests Help Refurbish Dwindling U.S. Nuclear Arsenal >>

* New Apple Patents Hint at Solar-Powered Devices >>
* Machine Learning: Making the Case for a More Selfie-Friendly Smartphone >>
* Judge Says You Can Warn Others About Speed Traps >>

* Watson’s AI to improve African life >>
* New health trackers: sophisticated and barely-there >>
* Human Emotions Are Not as Complex as We Thought >>

* New form of graphene allows electrons to behave like photons >>
* In The Brain, Distances In Space, Time, And Social Relationships Look The Same >>
* Engineering The Ideal Olympian: Real-Time Data For Going Big In The Half-Pipe >>

* CERN eyes new giant particle collider >>
* Heavy metal in the early cosmos >>
* ‘Friendly’ robots could allow for more realistic human-android relationships >>

* A Different Gates Is Returning to Microsoft >>
* ‘Billion-star mapper’ takes sky snap >>
* Amputee Successfully Feels Prosthetic Grip Strength Via Arm Electrodes >>

* Bees can fly at Everest height >>
* Smartphone swipe payment scheme unveiled >>
* People Are Already Having Issues With NBC’s Olympic Live Stream >>

* Growing Organs in Space? Scientists Taking Stem Cells to Space Station >>
* This smartphone game aims to help beat cancer sooner with your help >>

* Dear Modern Farmer: Can I Use a Drone on My Farm? >>
* Our Brains Rewrite Our Memories, Putting Present In The Past >>
* Indoor Location Identification Sub-Meter Accuracy Using Smartphones Sensors; Tech Requires No External Hardware, Wi-fi, Beacons >>

* New surveillance technology can track everyone in an area for several hours at a time >>
* Marijuana Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease, Major Researcher Suspects >>
* How Much Longer Before Our First AI Catastrophe? >>

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