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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 February 2014

* IBM Is Using Watson To Psychoanalyze People From Their Tweets (IBM) >>
* Mind alters memories, rewrites past with new information >>
* Ray Kurzweil Explains How Our Brains Will Be Powered By Computers In 2035 >>

* Inflatable AirBeams for Aerospace Structures >>
* VIDEO: ‘Top secret’ drone footage revealed >>
* Elon Musk could start making superlarge Mars colonization rocket in about 2024 >>
* Will ‘borophene’ replace graphene as a better conductor of electrons? >>

* Google Glass Remotely Unlock A Door >>
* Why Bitcoin Will Never Have A Problem With Deflation >>
* Scientists Image an Entire Flatworm Brain in Realtime >>

* VIDEO: Bionic hand feels real, says amputee >>
* Are Parallel Universes Unscientific Nonsense? Insider Tips for Criticizing the Multiverse >>
* Smart jewellery could replace your keyboard – and your light switches >>

* Electronically controlled drugs could minimize side effects >>
* Does boron-based graphene exist? >>
* Apple set to give iPhone 6 camera major overhaul >>

* 5-Second Asteroid ‘Touch’ Enough For Sample Return | Video >>
* Connected clothing can tell how soundly your baby is sleeping >>
* 90% of Vehicles by 2019 will Interface with Wearable Computers >>

* NASA develops method to scan space dust for signs of life >>
* Bluetooth Low Energy: what do we do with you? >>
* Oculus Rift And Thalmic’s Myo Armband Are A Match Made In Heaven >>

* Astronomers Look “Inside” an Asteroid for the First Time >>
* Wozniak Gets Personal On Innovation >>
* Will The Galaxy S5 Change The Story, Or Have We Passed ‘Peak Samsung’ In The Smartphone World? >>

* Bill Gates: Run Silent, Run Deep During Microsoft’s CEO Transition >>
* Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella Is Known Internally As The Guy Who Cuts Middle Management >>

* This Awesome Oculus Rift Rig Is Virtual Laser Tag—with Zombies >>
* Samsung launches the UK’s first Wi-Fi washer >>
* Turn an Old PC Into a NAS, VPN, Media Streamer, and More with Amahi >>
* Uber car service app revs up for NZ launch >>

* ‘OverDrive’: app makes it easy to borrow ebooks >>
* Canon camera connects to your Android devices >>
* Is high blood pressure the new HIV epidemic? >>

* Humans show 4, not 6, emotions >>
* This Animated Weather Map Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today >>
* Defeating aging, and the avenues ahead of us: Part 3 >>

* Inside Google’s Mysterious Ethics Board >>
* Will population grow again after 2050? To 15Bn? >>
* Support The Starfire Space Cannon >>

* A Motorcycle Helmet For The Digital World >>
* New Type Of Bird Flu Kills Woman In China >>
* Now In Japan: Giant Cyborg Cockroaches >>

* First single-molecule LED >>
* Virus-free, cord-blood-derived stem cells repair retinal tissue in mice >>
* Scientists find planet drunkenly dancing around two ‘suns’ >>

* Why the Promise of Cheap Fuel from Super Bugs Fell Short >>
* Black Holes Heated Early Universe More Slowly Than Previously Thought >>
* Alpha Centauri: Dust and Its Significance >>

* Why Is Glass Transparent? >>
* Prepare Yourself For the Age of the Super-Rat >>

* Amputee feels in real-time with bionic hand wired to nerves (w/ video): >>
* Your memory is no video camera, it edits the past with present experiences >>
* First evidence of common brain code for space, time, distance >>

* What would the Earth be like if it was the shape of a donut? >>
* In the brain, the number of neurons in a network may not matter >>
* 3-D mapping biopsy finds 3x prostate cancer of ultrasound-guided biopsy >>

* The World’s Smallest Engine Runs on a Single Atom >>
* Does Bill Gates Still Know What Computer Users Want? >>
* Why Google Kept Motorola’s Research Lab >>

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