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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 February 2014

* Will Bill Gates pull a Steve Jobs at Microsoft? >>
* Bill Gates Welcomes Satya Nadella As Microsoft’s New CEO >>
* Here’s The First Interview With Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella >>

* New CEO Satya Nadella Needs to Make Microsoft More Like Google >>
* Satya Nadella’s first letter to employees as Microsoft’s CEO >>
* Former Microsoft insiders: What it’s like to work with new CEO Satya Nadella >>

* Can Gates help deliver a Microsoft product or two? >>
* Bill Gates “Steps Up” To New Role At Microsoft As Technology Advisor, Thompson Becomes New Chairman >>
* Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Address Customers, Partners (LIVE) >>

* What Microsoft’s New CEO Means for You >>
* Microsoft’s New CEO Nadella Says Secret To Success Is ‘Renew’ Or Die >>
* 6 Things Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella Needs To Do Now (1: Go Insane) >>

* Microsoft Invests $15 Million In Foursquare And Strikes A Deal For Its Location Data >>
* Pyramid older than Great Pyramid Of Giza discovered in Egypt >>
* New Nasa technique to scan space dust for alien life >>

* The Ad Industry Reinvents the Hyperlink for the Mobile Era >>
* Antibiotic ‘smart bomb’ can target specific strains of bacteria >>
* Samsung Is Holding A Big Event February 24 — And It Could Be For The New Galaxy Phone >>

* Virtual reality is more than just fun and games >>
* VIDEO: The smart desk creating a stir >>
* Will Smallpox Reemerge in Siberia as Corpses Thaw from Climate Change? >>

* World facing cancer ‘tidal wave’ >>
* USCD scientists find that stem cell signal is linked with cancer growth >>
* Genetic function discovered that could offer new avenue to cancer therapies >>

* Inside app uses your phone’s sensors for indoor navigation >>
* Do autistic brains create more information at rest or do they have weaker connectivity — or both? >>
* Why ‘Fake’ Snow ‘Doesn’t Melt’–Because It’s Real >>

* Cityzen smart shirt tracks your health, recharges during washing >>
* Could we harvest energy from a star? >>
* Broadband THz wave generation with metamaterials demonstrated >>

* Apple Patents Induction Charging With Orientation-Based Action Triggers >>
* When Flirting Increases Loyalty >>
* First Single-Molecule LED >>

* Wi-Fi Matic Disables Wi-Fi When You’re Away From Networks Sans GPS >>
* Super Bowl sets new record for live streaming, barely >>
* Facial Recognition’s Newest Obstacle: Bureaucrats And Regulators Who Assume There’s A Problem >>

* Mobile Deep Linking Service Deeplink.me Debuts A Native Ad SDK >>
* NASA’s Curiosity rover is about to make its most daring maneuver yet >>
* Controlling the emission of light? Size matters >>

* Tiny Numbers Can Predict Sizes of Objects in the Universe >>
* The Industrial Internet of Things >>
* Habitability Around Ancient Stars >>

* Super-Earths Could Be More ‘Superhabitable’ Than Planets Like Ours >>
* A Look At The James Webb Space Telescope’s High Tech Spectrometer | Video >>
* Orbital Farming: Space Station Greenhouse Bears Fruit (Photo) >>

* Bodily maps of emotions >>
* Mark Zuckerberg reflects on Facebook at 10 >>
* Facebook’s next decade: 4 things the network should do >>

* Department of Transportation Announces Decision to Move Forward with Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Technology for Light Vehicles >>
* “Electronic tongue’ identifies brands of beer with 81.9% accuracy >>
* Big Pic: A Sound System That’s Loud Enough To Kill >>

* Software could be made unhackable with obfuscating computer programs >>
* NZ Westpac Bank trials Google Glass & iBeacon >>
* All Your Shared Data With nCrypted Cloud >>

* Google actually made a profit on its Motorola deal >>
* Space-Grown Vegetables Are Safe To Eat, Scientists Announce >>
* Ants Playing Chess Find New Solutions To Old Problem >>

* Depression in Space: How Computer Software Could Help Astronauts Cope >>
* This guy wants to help you download your brain >>
* Could WIFI launched in outer space provide global internet access >>

* The Microsoft Kinect Is Watching The Korean Border >>
* Mars Space Colony Rockets Could Be Ready In 10 Years: SpaceX CEO >>
* This Little Mi-Fi Can Get You Online Anywhere in the World >>

* Pacemakers of the future: No batteries required? >>
* 3D Printing Central to Future Military Strategy >>
* What We Know and Don’t Know So Far >>

* As commercial space heats up, wither Space City? >>

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