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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 February 2014

* Moon Ring Of Power: Japanese Mega-Plan to Transmit Energy From Luna to Earth >>
* Augmented Reality TV System Mixes Programming and Web Content >>
* Apple’s iWatch could utilise wireless charging >>

* New laser-printed material is lighter than water, as strong as steel >>
* Will Apple use some sort of ‘pie in the sky’ battery tech for the iWatch? >>

* Bill Gates Considering Working One Day A Week At Microsoft To Develop New Products >>
* Will “Innovator-in-Chief” Be Bill Gates’ New Role at Microsoft? >>

* US debt default ‘by end of month’ >>
* Building a Better Battery >>
* Facebook’s Newest App Lets You Read The News That Matters >>

* Robert Scoble; Must watch video about how age of context continues to arrive. >>
* Artificial intelligence: the companies behind Britain’s ‘smart’ revolution >>
* The Technium A Conversation with Kevin Kelly >>

* Quantum Internet: First Teleportation To A Solid-State Quantum Memory >>
* Alien Planets May Not Need Big Moons to Support Life >>
* Your Body Can Kill Cancer. It Just Needs Better Instructions. >>

* The Future of Transportation >>
* A World Without Drivers: No Accidents. No Traffic. No Fun? >>
* Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google And Yahoo Join Apple In Revealing More On NSA Requests >>

* How A Simple New Invention Seals A Gunshot Wound In 15 Seconds >>
* Google Now comes to the desktop in Chrome and Chrome OS betas >>
* Google Now Arrives In Chrome Beta For Desktop >>

* Scientists Are Going to Create the Coldest Spot in the Known Universe >>
* How LED Streetlights Will Change Cinema—And Make Every City Look Awesome >>
* Ultra-Flexible OTFT Arrays For Future Flexible Displays >>

* Researchers Just Solved One of Quantum Computing’s Biggest Problems >>
* Inside the Drake Equation: A Chat with Frank Drake >>
* My favorite Superbowl commercials >>

* Cells from dead people’s eyes may enable blind to see: Study >>
* id co-founder Carmack pushes reality with Oculus VR >>
* Hacking of point-of-sales systems escalates >>

* How To Build A Liquid-Cooled Mini Gaming PC For Under $1,000 >>
* Google finally opens Chromecast SDK, invites developers to get hackin’ >>

* Can a protein controlling blood pressure enhance immune responses and prevent Alzheimer’s? >>
* Graphene circuit’s wireless promise >>
* VIDEO: Getting to grips with ‘RealSense’ >>

* Now, a watch that tells time by emitting smell of money, whisky >>
* Quantum engineers make a major step towards a scalable quantum computer >>
* Storage system dramatically speeds access to ‘big data’ >>

* ‘Rogue’ asteroids may be the norm >>
* Quantum espionage >>
* Training your brain using MEG neurofeedback >>

* there are an estimated 37 trillion cells in the human body >>
* Star Trek TV series rumors do not credible, do not expect Star Trek TV series until 2017 >>
* Starship Radiators >>

* China military is weaker and more dangerous than it looks >>
* A beautiful, synapse-by-synapse tour of a brain >>
* See HIV Infecting Gut Tissue >>

* Using Unique Hip Twist, Salamander Can Leap 10 Times Its Body Length >>
* The Week In Drones: The Sound Of Stealth, Clearing The Robot Smog, And More >>
* Luke Kilpatrick: Dating with Today’s Technologies >>

* Chemical imaging brings cancer tissue analysis into the digital age >>
* Ancient Plague’s DNA Revived From A 1,500-Year-Old Tooth >>
* Through a Face Scanner Darkly >>

* Safe@home System Detects Falls, Calls for Help >>
* PillCam Colon Now FDA Approved as Adjunct to Incomplete Colonoscopies (VIDEO) >>
* Does Inequality Matter? >>

* The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World. >>
* New scientific field looks at the big picture >>
* Drone On >>

* Can the human brain design a perfect object? >>
* This just in: Paper is the best Facebook app ever >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 332: Stellar Collisions >>

* EU said to be developing system for police to remotely disable any car >>
* Facebook, Google and Yahoo now say when the US government requests user content >>
* Chart: In the Billionaire Chase, Mark Zuckerberg Closes in on Page, Brin, and Bezos >>

* You still can’t tickle yourself, even if you swap bodies with another person >>
* The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World. >>
* Jerry Seinfeld’s reunion with George was TiVo’s most re-watched Super Bowl commercial >>

* Earth 2050 and beyond: enhanced immortal humans head for the stars >>
* “Sky Whale.” A design concept that could disrupt air travel and make it more environmentally friendly. >>
* UNI Students Train for the Future using one of North America’s Largest 3D Printers >>

* Catching neutrinos with Fermilab’s massive next-generation detector >>
* Stem Cell Powder Regrows Finger >>

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