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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 February 2014

* Bionic pancreas could help fight diabetes >>
* You Should Read Paul Krugman On The Emerging Market Turmoil >>
* If it works, it’s obsolete >>

* Can Wolfram Alpha Tell Which Team Will Win the Super Bowl? >>
* Broncos Coach Gets A $1 Million Bonus If He Wins The Super Bowl, Contract Quirk >>
* Super Bowl XLVIII: commercials, football, and a Times Square spectacle >>

* Inside the control room: turning NFL football into primetime television >>
* Driverless trucks will keep Army safe from IEDs >>

* Oh Good, This Smartphone Scent Emitter Is Now Available Worldwide >>
* New Venture to Mine Twitter Data to Find Music’s Next Big Thing >>
* Is tech outcompeting other forms of signaling, such as clothing expenditures? >>

* Microsoft CEO Candidate Is a ‘Safe’ Choice >>
* Senator Makes NASA Complete $350 Million Testing Tower That It Will Never Use >>
* Long-Term Unemployed Reveal Emotional Struggles >>

* Want to Start a Business? Why You Should Keep Your Job >>
* Rowling: Hermione Should Have Married Harry >>
* The sad fate of Facebook rivals >>

* Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, leaks, news and rumours >>
* Heart cells beating in a Petri dish offer new hope to heart patients >>

* Everyone’s Making News Apps But No One Knows The Right Way To Read Them >>
* 3D printing human tissue and organs to ‘spark ethics debate’ >>
* Illumina Claims New Sequencer Transcribes 18,000 Genomes per Year at $1,000 Each >>

* Stanford researchers discover how brain regions work together, or alone >>
* Making your brain social >>
* Red alert: Body kills ‘spontaneous’ blood cancers on a daily basis >>

* What really makes us worry >>
* The robots using cloud technology to learn new skills >>

* The Future Observatory >>
* 3DPrinting & Replacement Car Parts >>
* A New Physics Theory of Life >>

* Stitching together reports from SMS, email, messaging might open up an entirely new view of events >>
* Watch: Three Ways an Astronaut Could Fall Into a Black Hole >>
* Secret: The next big anonymous sharing app >>

* Perfecting the Art of Sensible Nonsense >>
* AT&T cutting family wireless plans US$40 in escalating price war >>

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