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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 February 2014

* Cyborg insect created using fuel cell powered by own body fluid >>
* BAs Facebook Turns 10, How Has It Transformed Your Life? >>
* US phone companies to explore replacing all phone numbers with IP addresses >>

* Apple Said To Be Focusing On Health With iOS 8 And iWatch, Following Meeting With FDA >>
* Bits Blog: Google’s Sale of Motorola Could Help Samsung >>

* Did Alien Life Evolve Just After the Big Bang? >>
* Evidence for Universe Inflation Theory May Lurk in New Data >>
* Seafloor carpet catches waves to generate energy >>

* Canadian spy agency used airport WiFi to track travelers >>
* IBM’s speedy graphene chip could lead to super-efficient mobile devices >>
* Sound system so powerful it can KILL humans helping develop super-strong satellites >>

* A detailed look at HIV in action >>
* ROBOT theme park: South Korea plans £380m attraction; visitors build their own droids >>
* Nearly everyone uses piezoelectrics, but do we know how they work? >>

* Big sperm don’t always win the race >>
* Sex with Neandertals Introduced Helpful and Harmful DNA into Modern Human Genome >>
* Soon, glass that bends but does not break >>

* One Year After Mega-Hyped Launch, Mark Zuckerberg Admits Graph Search Doesn’t Work >>
* Google Gets Pragmatic on Smartphone Market, Sells Motorola, Makes Nice With Samsung >>

* Google Pleased With Nexus Performance; Talks Nest, Glass And Other Wearables >>
* Microsoft’s Next CEO Satya Nadella, Gates Could Be Replaced On Board >>

* Supermarket attaches tracking devices onto shopping trolleys >>
* Cancer Cells Tamed By Trip To Outer Space >>
* Graphene Composite Offers Critical Fix for Sodium-ion Batteries >>

* How Fox Is Using 4K at the Super Bowl >>
* VIDEO: How can a ship ‘grow’ by 30 metres? >>
* Could 3D printing provide new solutions for disabled people? >>

* Rough Mars terrain taking toll on Nasa rover Curiosity >>
* Is Facebook making people more polarized? >>
* New spy entrant: A one-way sound machine is here >>

* See How Facebook Will Use Robots And Lasers To Backup All Your Old Pictures >>
* Navy’s Oculus Rift Project Could Lead To Fighting Real Wars w Virtual Reality >>
* Nanomedicine >>

* The wearable device that could text you when your loved one has a seizure >>
* Apple Executives Met With F.D.A. to Discuss Mobile Medical Applications >>
* Bioengineered monkeys with human genetic diseases have almost arrived >>

* This GPS Lightning Adapter Makes Cheap iPads Location-Aware >>
* Keen On… Hacking Gender: How Women In Silicon Valley Can Become Jane Bond >>
* Predictions from Davos >>

* Why Are the Rich Fearing for Their Lives? >>
* New Quantum Computing Research that is promising for DWave Systems >>
* A 96-Antenna System for Next Generation of Wireless >>
* Monkeys Modified with Genome Editing >>

* China plans to build 13000 to 14000 fiber lines to connect 400 cities >>
* SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talk Manned Mars Missions (Video) >>
* Using Unique Hip Twist, Salamander Can Leap 10 Times Its Body Length >>

* The Week In Drones: The Sound Of Stealth, Clearing The Robot Smog, And More >>
* Adventures with Ray Kurzweil at NAMM 2014 >>
* Elon Musk on the innovations that will matter, multi-planet civilization, AI >>

* See HIV Infecting Gut Tissue >>
* Amazon to Raise Fees as Revenue Disappoints >>
* This Is What a Computer Sees When It Watches The Matrix >>

* ‘Blossom’ is an inflatable, 3D-printed flower that blooms like a balloon >>
* Stimulating Connection From Afar: A Brave New World In Wearable Computing >>

* World’s largest solar bridge now officially launched >>

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