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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 January 2014

* Stem cell ‘major discovery’ claimed >>
* 3D Printing Goes Carbon Fiber >>
* Water to replace ink in your printer >>

* Gillmor Gang: Turn Turn Turn >>
* Black Death Plague Strain Differs from That Which Killed Millions 800 Years Earlier >>
* Automatic’s Smart Driving Assistant Can Now Turn Your Car Into An iBeacon >>

* NBA All-Star Game And Dunk Contest To Use Israeli Tech For Real-Time 3D Replays >>
* Is Google Cornering the Market on Deep Learning? >>
* Combat Lasers will be tested at sea this yaer and Railguns in 2016 >>

* Scientists create embryonic-type stem cells without embryos >>
* Groundbreaking discovery could pave way for routine use of stem cells in medicine >>
* Simple acid bath can turn blood cells into best kind of stem cell, remove the ethical issue make stem cells cheap and plentiful >>

* Panasonic plans to make 1000 exoskeleton suits in 2015 at about $5000 >>
* Singularity University to launch $50 million venture fund to tackle the world’s grand challenges >>
* Apple wants to use your heart rate and facial expressions to figure out yr mood >>

* Researchers turn adult cells back into stem cells >>
* Paddle: Highly Deformable Mobile Devices with Physical Controls >>
* ‘Smart’ Windows Lighten And Darken On Cue >>

* Neanderthal lineages excavated from modern human genomes: >>
* Antioxidant Supplements Worsen Lung Tumors, Study Finds >>
* Google X: Where Engineers Are Told To Think Like Mad Scientists >>

* Cheap Laser Sintering Printers Are Coming Thanks To The Expiration Of A Key Patent >>
* How to Make Electricity With Bacteria-Coated Rubber >>
* Facebook puts 10,000 Blu-ray discs in low-power storage system >>

* Universe’s early galaxies grew massive through collisions >>
* Verizon demonstrating LTE Multicast during Super Bowl XLVIII >>
* Researchers create ‘programmable’ stem cells through stress >>

* Deepest Underground Dark-Matter Detector to Start Up in China >>
* A tool to tell how much time you have wasted on FB >>
* Tricking cancer cells into suicide >>

* Interactive Infographic: The Lifespans Of Pathogens >>
* Modular Concepts at CES Hint at the Future of Mobile Computing >>
* Modular Robotics’ MOSS Kit Makes Building Robots a Snap >>

* NASA Begins Acoustic Tests On The Space Launch System >>
* Honey Encryption Will Bamboozle Attackers with Fake Secrets >>
* Nasa aims for man on Mars, but are we ready for it? >>

* This Machine Perfectly Filets and De-Bones Fish with X-Rays and Water >>
* Cloudy Weather Spotted In First Surface Map Of A Brown Dwarf >>
* App Smart: Taking the Job Hunt With You >>

* Single gene separates queen from workers >>
* Rogue asteroids may be the norm >>
* Doctors: Too few cancer patients enroll in studies >>

* Researchers open door to new HIV therapy >>
* VIDEO: Wearable headsets to watch in 2014 >>
* Forrester: Top Technology Trends For 2014 And Beyond >>

* How the Future of Gaming Looks on Google Glass >>
* Interplanetary dust particles carry water and organics >>
* DNA-built nanoparticles target cancer tumors, deal with toxicity >>

* Rise Of The Insect Drones >>
* Digital brains and minds just around the corner >>
* The Myth of Age-Related Cognitive Decline >>

* Are we hardwired to believe we’re immortal? >>
* Cache Killer Forces Websites to Load Content Fresh >>
* Atlas and Delta Rockets Have Packed 2014 Launch Schedule >>

* Resetting the metabolic clock: >>
* Is That A Tricorder In Your Pocket? >>
* Chris Eliasmith: We Have Not Yet Learned What The Brain Has To Teach Us! >>

* A critical view into energy, global banking and the documentary “Thrive” >>
* Forecasts – Part One >>
* The Future And You–January 29, 2014 >>

* Scientists make pure precursor liver and pancreas cells from stem cells >>

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