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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 January 2014

* An 8K Endoscope Probably Shows More Than Anyone Really Wants To See >>
* For First Time Ever, 1 Billion Smartphones Shipped in One Year >>
* Chrome + LEGO: You can build whatever you like >>

* Six-Hour Spacewalk Yields Two Installed Cameras, But Data Problems, NASA Says >>
* Wanted: Private Robot Moon Lander Ideas for NASA >>
* A 96-Antenna System Tests the Next Generation of Wireless >>

* Watch A Drone Launch A Rocket >>
* Bodies Not Made for Space >>
* Top-Level Domains Like “.sucks” Are Landing Next Week >>

* This Gravity-Sensing Satellite Peeks Beneath the Earth’s Surface >>
* Welcome to the Age of the Bionic Superbug >>
* Google Glass gets prescription glasses: four styles, $225 each (video) >>

* The Changing Face of Robotics >>
* China’s “Jade Rabbit” Moon Rover Faces Premature End >>
* It’s The Age Of The Customer — Are You Ready? >>

* New Samsung Patent Reveals a Second Wireless Charging Device >>
* Cooling Microprocessors with Carbon Nanotubes >>
* What makes us human?: Unique brain area linked to higher cognitive powers >>

* New VPN Technology Claims to Thwart Great Firewall of China >>
* Google patents ROBO-TAXIS to ferry punters into advertiser’s shops, restaurants, etc for free >>
* Quality of white matter in the brain is crucial for adding and multiplying >>

* AUDIO: Research ‘changing cancer treatment’ >>
* A High-Tech Bra That Unhooks Only For ‘True Love’ >>
* 90-Minute DNA Screening Available Soon For Law Enforcement >>

* Printable robots >>
* How the brain forms time-linked memories >>
* Where and when the brain recognizes, categorizes an object >>

* Crowdsourced ‘EteRNA’ RNA designs outperform computer algorithms >>
* Could HD Cameras On Space Station Help Save Planet Earth? >>
* Bits Blog: Google Buys A.I. Company for Search, Not Robots >>

* Leila Madrone: Solar Energy Roboticist >>
* Sony’s Jun Rekimoto Dreams Up Gadgets for the Far Future >>
* Brandon Pearce’s Avionics Guide SpaceX Rockets >>

* Special Report: Dream Jobs 2014 >>
* Perching AR Drone Can Watch You Forever >>
* New drug in development to reverse spread of breast cancer >>

* By 2015, Cars Will Become Endpoints >>
* Google’s Acquisition Of DeepMind Could Shine A Light On Other British AI Startups >>
* Dutch court finds Pirate Bay block ineffective, ends it >>

* Chemists unveil ‘water-jet’ printer; Reprintable Paper >>
* Strange, Hypervelocity Stars Get Ejected from Milky Way >>
* River of hydrogen seen flowing through space >>

* Researchers move an atom inside a crystal and investigate its function >>
* How Facebook changed what it means to ‘like’ >>
* Sperm’s ‘Swimming Pool’ May Affect Health of Offspring >>

* VIDEO: Can dogs really tell the time? >>
* Why has Google bought an AI company? >>
* An inside look at OLED TV technology >>

* Angry Birds maker denies sharing data with spy agencies >>
* New method to unlock ancient human DNA mystery >>
* Botnets Will Cause $11.6 Billion In Wasted Ad Spending This Year >>

* Scientists discover deadly plague cause >>
* Computing with silicon neurons: Scientists use artificial nerve cells to classify different types of data >>
* Million dollars and you could spend 5 days vacation in a Russian space hotel via Docsity >>

* Sub-Arctic Biodome: Prototype for Space Settlement? >>
* Oculus Is Awesome for Games, But It’s the Future of Movies >>
* Energy can be teleported over long distances, say physicists >>

* How Our World Would Look If You Were A Bird >>
* Transfixed by Beauty – Shots of Awe >>
* New atomic clock could keep accurate time until the world ends >>

* Our quantum reality problem >>
* Big issues: what to watch for in Obama’s State of the Union >>

* Bob Jones: Without humanities, science could destroy us >>
* Despite Spate of Deals, Vodafone Faces an Uncertain Future >>
* DealBook: Vodafone Shareholders Approve Sale of Verizon Wireless Stake >>

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