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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 January 2014

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* Stop laughing at the phablet — Samsung was right >>
* E-whiskers: highly sensitive tactile sensors for robotics and other applications >>
* A Wikipedia for robots >>

* A Smartphone Powered by Sugar >>
* CES 2014: A Bedbug Detector that Looks Interesting but has Detractors (Video) >>
* From mind-reading headbands to one-night stands, JWT’s explores our trend forecast >>

* MIT and Harvard release working papers on open online courses >>
* Jobs warning from Google’s Schmidt >>
* This tiny sensor spots salmonella in minutes, not days >>

* With 5G, You’ll Download a Movie in a Second >>
* Mobile Software Learns Your Phone’s Habits to Catch New Malware >>
* Wearables, connected homes to spur surge in data sharing by 2017, Gartner says >>

* MIT and Stanford will teach Ford’s automated cars how to dodge obstacles >>
* Ford Partners With MIT And Stanford To Research Autonomous Cars >>
* First 100 Generic Internet Domains Include .Rich, .Sexy and .Ninja >>

* Your next phone powered by HEARTBEAT? implantable battery can charge from organs >>
* NSA Surveillance Sparks Talk of National Internets >>
* Holographic diagnostics >>

* ‘Adam’ walked the Earth 209,000 years ago, UK scientists claim >>
* App Smart: Watch What You Eat, Using Your Phone >>
* A sugar battery could power your next smartphone or tablet >>

* Google’s voice search could soon be baked into Chrome, no extension required >>
* Google’s Search Filters Now Update Dynamically Based On Your Queries >>
* Researchers discover a new sensory ability in humans >>

* Google Is Looking At How It Can Use Bitcoin For Its Payments Products >>
* Surveillance minimization needed to restore trust >>
* Why you must control your own data >>

* Japan’s space agency testing a giant, magnetic space net to clean up space junk >>
* Apple Wants To Measure Your Mood, Then Send You Targeted Ads >>
* Is it really worth having your gut bacteria tested? >>

* The potential of sensors on your joints that relay real-time information >>
* Google Might Withdraw From DARPA Robotics Challenge (Phew!) >>
* Massive 24,000mAh Battery Pack Is Like a Tiny Reactor In Your Pocket >>
* What Would You See Traveling at Warp Speed? >>

* Put On This Virtual Reality Helmet, Then Swap Your Gender >>
* Nest Competitor Monitors Your House’s Leaks on the Cheap >>
* Dwave Systems CTO Geordie Rose writes about the benchmarking >>

* Army studying replacing thousands with robots by making 3000 person brigades >>
* E-whiskers: highly sensitive tactile sensors for robotics and other applications >>
* less-expensive way to duplicate complicated steps of photosynthesis in making fuel >>

* The future of human enhancement >>
* MIT and Harvard release working papers on open online courses >>
* Ask Anything: Do Plants Get Cancer? >>

* Weird ‘Gravity Waves’ in Venus Clouds Spotted by Spacecraft >>
* Solar distributed generation system prices to fall by 5% to 30% by 2020 >>
* South Korea’s 5G To Let Citizens Download A Full Movie In One Second >>

* Are teachers ready for the coding revolution? >>
* Robotocists go ape over Charlie >>
* Rice University laser scientists create portable sensor for nitrous oxide, methane >>

* There’s A New Apple TV Box Coming In The First Half Of This Year w Games On It >>
* Study; Facebook to Lose 80% of Its Users; Social media is like a disease that spreads, and then dies >>
* Facebook Won’t Lose 80% of Users After All >>

* Molecules as circuits >>
* Forget fingerprints! £2.50 app lets you unlock a phone with your EAR >>
* Eric Schmidt Just Revealed A Key Truth About The Economy That Very Few Rich Investors Want To Admit. >>

* Apple reportedly planning two larger iPhones for 2014 >>
* Army will deploy surveillance blimps for missile defense tests over Maryland >>
* The 7 Most Intriguing Philosophical Arguments for the Existence of God >>

* Oh Look, the Navy’s Got Itself an Oculus Rift >>
* Will This Go Faster Than Light? >>
* How Infinite Information Will Warp And Change Human Relationships >>

* Explore The “Quantified Self” Revolution with Jason Silva >>
* 3-D imaging provides window into living cells, no dye required >>
* Near error-free wireless detection made possible >>

* Maltese researchers build a mind-controlled music player >>
* BT’s breakneck broadband test hits unimaginable speeds over plain ol’ fiber >>
* How the genetic blueprints for limbs came from fish >>

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