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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 January 2014

* Rosetta comet-chaser phones home >>
* Rosetta Spacecraft Will Attempt To Land On Comet Going 60,000mph >>
* World’s richest 85 people own as much as the poorest 3.5 billion, according to Oxfam >>

* China Could Wash Away Smog With Artificial Rain Storms From Skyscrapers >>
* 1st 360 Degree Color Panorama from China’s Chang’e-3 Lunar Lander >>

* Microsoft’s ‘smart elevator’ knows where you’re going >>
* Are We Alone? NASA’s 30-Year Goal to Answer Astrophysics Greatest Question >>
* Revolutionary New Algorithm Succeeds In Prolonging Life >>

* Thermophotovoltaic Device Has Potential to Reach Huge Solar Efficiencies >>
* The Search For Actually Useful Apps On Google Glass >>
* 3D counterpart to graphene discovered >>

* How Internet surveillance predicts disease outbreak before WHO >>
* China has 618 million internet users at the end 2013 >>
* Hacking the Immune System to Prevent Damage after a Heart Attack >>

* As Google Shoots For The Moon, Microsoft Praises The Virtues Of Open Research >>
* Fly Or Die: 3D Systems Sense Scanner >>
* With 10 years as Martians, rovers unveil true grit >>

* New phone sends smells to communicate >>
* With Emotion Recognition Algorithms, Computers Know What You’re Thinking >>
* The Techno-Human Shell: A Jump in the Evolutionary Gap >>

* Humin: The app that uses context to enable better human connections >>
* Watch Live: ESA Waits for Signal from Comet-Chasing Spacecraft >>

* How To Manage A Sales Team In The Era Of Bring Your Own Everything >>
* Plastic injection protects mouse hearts after attack >>
* Automation Scheduling Software >>

* Houston, we have ants: Mimicking how ants adjust to microgravity in space could lead to better robots, scientist says >>
* Court: Bloggers have First Amendment protections >>
* VIDEO: NZ quake prompts Hobbit eagle landing >>

* Luxury Suites At The Super Bowl Are Selling For $1 Million And Up >>
* How a 3D printer gave a teenage bomb victim a new arm – and a reason to live >>
* Game Of Thrones Actor Tells Fans: ‘You Don’t Have It Figured Out’ [Video] >>

* Astronomers Capture The First Image Of The Mysterious Web That Connects All Galaxies In The Universe >>
* Microsoft May Soon Unveil Rival to Apple’s Siri >>
* Behind the scenes in the fight for net neutrality >>

* Fitness Trackers & Sleep: How Accurate Are They? >>
* Sony’s $175 Smart Tennis Sensor will start tracking swings in May >>
* Life in the 2050s: Consciousness unraveled, non-bio brains improve life, Next-Gen human evolves >>

* Ramez Naam on Singularity 1 on 1: The Future Isn’t Set In Stone! >>
* 6 Signs That Reality is Catching Up with Science-Fiction >>
* 47% Of All Jobs Will Be Automated By 2034, And ‘No Government Is Prepared’ Says Economist >>

* Tidal Energy Could Supply Half of Scotland’s Power >>

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