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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 January 2014

* The Universe’s Most Important Alarm Clock Will Wake Up Rosetta Tomorrow >>
* The Next Revolution In School Tech: Bring Your Own Device >>
* Actually, It’s Google That’s Eating the World >>

* Sunlight may lower your blood pressure >>
* Why it’s better to run away from nuclear blast than seek shelter immediately >>
* Vertical Farming getting more energy with 68 percent efficient LEDs >>

* Ask Slashdot: What’s the Most Often-Run Piece of Code — Ever? >>
* IBM commits US$1.2B to build global cloud network >>
* The Tablet Is The New General Purpose Computer >>

* China Building Second Aircraft Carrier, Two More In The Pipeline >>
* Here’s what the Google connected home of tomorrow looks like >>
* Has the Sun gone to sleep? >>

* The next billion lives technology will change >>
* There’s A New Tech Startup Trend: Hire A Hollywood Screenwriter To Throw A Party >>
* Big Data, Predictive Algorithms and the Virtues of Transparency (Part One) >>

* Cryptocurrencies as a Single Pool of Wealth >>
* Should we eat bugs? >>

* Researchers Find the Proteins in Your Body are Vibrating Constantly >>
* Paramount now releases movies only in digital form >>
* Technology Is Not Driving Us Apart After All >>

* More Than Half of Kenya’s Electricity Will Come From Solar Power by 2016 >>
* With Android Courting Automakers, What Should Apple Do? >>

* Discovery Quantum Vibrations Inside Brain Neurons Supports Controversial Theory of Consciousness >>
* Neutrino Time; The quirky particles come from some of the most violent phenomena in the universe. >>
* You don’t want your privacy: Disney and the meat space data race >>

* The onrushing; technological innovation has always delivered more long-run employment, not less. But things can change >>
* How to tap the sun’s energy through heat as well as light: >>

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