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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 January 2014

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* Supreme Court to determine if police need warrants to search cellphones >>
* Somebody Hacked A Fridge To Send Spam >>
* Google Buys Nest Just As Internet Of Things Suffers First Global Cyber Attack >>
* Internet of Things isn’t safe: thousands of smart gadgets hacked to send spam >>

* Amazon Has Patented A System For Shipping Your Stuff Before You Order It >>
* The smartest cars may need 5G, Ericsson says >>
* App Cures Vertical Video Syndrome >>

* Kiwi Move Aims to Outsmart All Other Wearable Tech >>
* Jerks And Startups: Do You Need To Be One To Become A Kajillionaire? >>
* Why Silicon Valley Can’t Find Europe >>

* For NASA, 2014 Brings a Big Year for Commercial Spaceflight (Video) >>
* Quark Matter in the Asteroids of our Solar System: Evidence for a Game-Changing Space Resource >>

* Tiny swimming bio-bots powered by beating heart cells (w/video) >>
* Weekly Roundup: ‘The End of Anonymity,’ ‘The End of Dumb Money’ and repetitive radio >>
* FaceSubstitute Is The Coolest (And Creepiest) Thing You’ll See This Week >>

* Ask Ethan #20: Is the Mars One crew doomed? [Starts With A Bang] >>
* SeeThru AR eyewear device sets sights on consumer market >>
* How the X-Ray Laser Works [Video] >>

* VIDEO: Inside the energy house of the future >>
* VIDEO: Obama vows limits on spying >>
* How smartphones can cut energy bills >>

* Your Debit Card Is More Dangerous Than You Think >>
* New Marriages May Sharply Decline in Coming Transhumanist Era >>
* 15 Technologies That Were Supposed To Change Education Forever >>

* Grander canyon discovered beneath antarctic ice >>
* These Buildings Can Actually Move by Rotating >>
* ‘Robot doctors’ now working at hospitals in North America >>

* How feasible is Elon Musk’s idea to establish a colony on Mars in the 2020s? >>
* Bloggers and the public have first amendment protection against defamatiojn lawsuits just like journalists >>
* Despite Funding Boost, We’re Spending Too Little on Energy R >>

* Dakar Rally 2014 >>
* Stunning Photos Of Google’s Massive Data Centers >>

* Paramount reportedly abandons film for digital-only movie releases >>
* Chocolate-activated coat a key to wearable tech’s future >>

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