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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 January 2014

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* Flexible Silver Nanowire Sensors Allow Simultaneous Monitoring Many Health Parameters >>
* The U.S. Army Is Testing Auto-Aiming Rifles >>
* The brain can process images seen for just 13 milliseconds >>

* Code hints that Google may bake fitness sensor support into Android >>
* VIDEO: 3D printing used to make knickers >>
* Does Evolution Evolve Under Pressure? >>

* Extend ISS to 2050 as Stepping Stone to Future Deep Space Voyages >>
* NASA Celebrates Mars Rovers’ 10-Year Mark Tonight: Watch Live >>
* Arm sensors let humans and robots work side-by-side >>

* “Photosynthesis is Possible on the Surface of Mars” >>
* Basenji, dingo genomes shake up dog evolution >>
* Fast Electric space sail Uranus entry probe mission >>

* Could houses be powered by URINE? >>
* Ants In Space Work Hard To Move In Microgravity | Video >>
* Google’s smart contact lens project could allow diabetics to track glucose levels automatically >>

* Data point: From pizza to people, the imperfect feels more authentic, appealing >>
* Google Glass User Fights Speeding Ticket, Saying She’s Defending the Future >>
* Smartphone EEG to diagnose epilepsy in poor nations >>

* Google Isn’t the Only One Putting Electronics into Contact Lenses >>
* Google’s New Smart Contact Lens Is Old News For Microsoft >>
* Discovery of quantum vibrations in microtubules inside brain neurons corroborates controversial 20-year-old theory of consciousness >>

* The Rock that Appeared Out of Nowhere on Mars >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – January 17, 2014 >>
* This Table Detects Breast Cancer Using Sound Waves, Not X-Rays >>

* The Week In Drones: A Military Transformer, An App For Aerial Photos, And More >>
* Technology Is Not Driving Us Apart After All >>
* Bluetooth Headset Vigo Knows When You Are Tired Before You Do >>

* 5 technologies needed for space exploration >>
* New York May Nix Google Glass For Drivers >>
* A Decade After Committing Massive Fraud, A Cloning Scientist Is Back To Work >>

* Google Brings Its Smart Assistant to the Desktop >>
* The CIOs’ Dilemma: Making The Leap To The Next Phase Of Computing >>
* TEDMED 2014 >>

* How Feasible Is Elon Musk’s Idea To Establish A Colony On Mars In The 2020s? >>
* Google Drive dev tools promise better and more powerful apps (video) >>
* Oculus Rift Is More Than Just a Game — It’s a Whole New Virtual World >>

* Debating geoengineering and nuclear >>
* Boosting intelligence through intelligence selection would also increase economic output, reduce crime >>
* Google will be the GE of the internet of things era >>

* Telepathic Technology, from bytes to barks >>
* First instance of ball lightning captured on video and spectrographs >>
* Astronomers Get a Clearer Look at Supermassive Black Holes at Galactic Centers >>

* How Google’s Fitness API Will Buff You Up >>
* Talking Tech: Have teens really ditched Facebook? >>
* Pizza Hut To Start Feeding Customers By The Slice >>

* Scientists Are Mystified By A ‘Jelly-Doughnut’ Rock That Suddenly Appeared Next To Mars Rover >>
* Intel Swears Again That Its Game-Changing Super Tiny Chips Will Be Here Soon >>
* The Future Of Jobs: The Onrushing Wave >>

* The Smog In Beijing Is So Bad You Have To Watch The Sunrise On TV >>
* The Futurist Magazine’s Top Ten Forecasts for 2014 and Beyond >>
* Our Surveilled and Monitored Future >>

* THE FUTURE OF THE MIND by Michio Kaku >>
* Evidence that photosynthesis efficiency is based on quantum mechanics >>
* New device makes wheelchairs obsolete. >>

* Is your refrigerator really part of a massive spam-sending botnet? >>
* Why We Procrastinate >>
* Coming to an office near you >>

* Silver nanowire sensors could be the flexible foundation for new wearables >>

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