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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 January 2014

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* First Plastic Cell With Working Organelle >>
* Google Now comes to Chrome on the desktop in experimental form >>
* Scientists Use Gene Therapy to Stop Six People Going Blind >>

* Facebook Now Shows You Personalized Trending Topics In Your News Feed >>
* Google’s quantum computer flunks landmark speed test >>

* Muscle Sensors Allow Robots to Cooperate Better With Humans >>
* Google Builds Mindshare For Dart App Framework With Virtual Machines On Runnable >>
* Mobile data for the Internet of Things >>

* Subdividing the TV screen: With 4K, clutter gets worse >>
* Interactive: What’s ahead for the year in tech >>
* Microparticles may reduce heart attack damage >>

* Whale-Like Plane Wants To Get Some Air >>
* This Amazing Image Algorithm Learns to Spot Objects Without Human Help >>

* Brain regions ‘tune’ activity to enable attention >>
* What Fetal Genome Screening Could Mean for Babies and Parents >>
* Quantum physics could make secure, single-use computer memories possible >>

* Handheld DNA analysis device could diagnose malaria >>
* Five components that will rock your next smartphone >>
* Climate change may become nearly impossible to solve, warns leaked UN report >>

* Technology is poised to become a feast for the senses >>
* Researchers Create Micro-Flyer That “Swims” in Air >>
* Don’t worry about the chrimbo flab, Ray Kurzweil says we’ll soon be able to switch off our fat cells >>

* ‘Star Trek’ for animals: A wireless medical monitor for your pet >>
* The list of everyone attending Davos this year >>
* Human arm sensors make robot smarter >>
* Japan scientists test tether to clear up space junk >>

* Research: “Sourcing hub” could help create more efficient supply chain >>
* Gene therapy heralds cure for blindness >>
* Astronaut gut reaction: The microbiome in space >>

* Russia is developing ground drone army—including huge amphibious models >>
* Watch How the Rosetta Spacecraft Will Orbit and Land on a Comet >>
* Salman Khan’s TED Talk ignited the conversation about online education. Why he’s doubling down on the school of the future >>

* Mathematician Calculates How To Survive First 30 Minutes of Nuclear War >>
* This scientist believes you can regrow your lost limbs >>
* Google Removes “Search Nearby” Function From Updated Google Maps >>

* Ten Wild Things You Can 3D Print At Home >>
* Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz: The 7 Most Powerful People In Tech You’ve Never Heard Of >>
* Is There a Liquid Fix for the Cloud’s Heavy Energy Footprint? >>

* Smart TV Apps Are Going To Drive The Next Big Shift In How We View Our Media >>
* The Future Of 3D Printing And Manufacturing >>
* Megafloods: What they leave behind >>

* How Information Flows During Emergencies >>
* The Case for Space Solar Power >>
* Flash Storage in 2013 and what to expect in 2014 >>

* This Collapsible, Camera-Toting Drone Surely Couldn’t Spy On People >>
* McKubre of SRI International is interviewed about Brillouin Energy which is a competitor to Rossi in the controversial low energy nuclear reactions >>
* 2013 Was Another Year Of Extreme Weather Across the U.S. >>

* New Device May Put DNA Testing in Doctors’ Hands >>
* New Zealand’s Tallest Mountain Shrinks by 100 Feet >>
* Scientists reveal what is REALLY happening it the hit ‘gravity defying chain’ YouTube video >>

* Thalmic Labs MYO Alpha Demo at CES 2014 >>
* Dolphin-power sufficient for propulsion without tricks >>
* Most Americans oppose NSA surveillance >>

* Nuclear power is still triple wind and solar power in 2013, because megawatts and megawatt hours are different >>
* An implanted brain computer intereface chip could re-activate a paralyzed human arm for the first time >>
* China Launches Hypersonic Missile Test, Downplays Fears >>

* The Engadget Show 49: CES 2014 wrapup >>
* NSA Collects 200 Million Text Messages Per Day >>
* Why 2014 Will Be A Big Year For Big Data >>

* Buildings vulnerable 20 years after LA earthquake >>
* Simulating Surgery On a Mock Mars Mission >>
* Japanese Scientists Have An Ingenious Plan To Clean Up Space >>

* How Marc Andreessen And Elon Musk Really Got Rich >>
* Smart object recognition algorithm doesn’t need humans >>
* The CES ‘Booth Babe’ Is Nearly Extinct — Here’s What’s Replacing Her >>

* Researchers ‘detune’ a molecule: Experiment shows how to soften atomic bonds in a buckyball >>
* Kugelblitz! Powering a Starship With a Black Hole >>

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