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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 January 2014

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* Supercomputer models one second of human brain activity >>
* Court Of Appeals Strikes Down FCC’s Open Internet Order, Net Neutrality Threatened >>
* Computer science: The learning machines >>

* New DNA supercomputer promises radically cheaper genome tests >>
* How to build the world’s most amazing space telescope >>
* Robots test their own world wide web, dubbed RoboEarth >>

* Incredible Technology: How to Search for Advanced Alien Civilizations >>
* Continents on Alien Worlds Could Hint at Extraterrestrial Life >>
* This is how your brain tells time >>

* These Spherical Robot “Hands” Let You Build Things With Balls >>
* Out in the Open: An NSA-Proof Twitter, Built With Code From Bitcoin and BitTorrent >>
* Will soon be living in our own private worlds? Making our own stuff? Engaged in affairs w computers? >>

* Cognitive systems speculate on big data >>
* Conserving energy by the (server) cluster >>
* 5 Reasons Nest Sold To Google >>

* Supercomputer used to simulate 3,000-atom nano device >>
* How to cope with the Internet of Things’ dark side >>
* New Pills to deliver bacteria, not drugs, to cure us >>

* Does Google want to run your home? >>
* Google wants to someday put ads on your refrigerator >>
* Remote control activates insulin-loaded implant under skin could replace injections >>

* Leaving the Nest: What’s Microsoft doing in home automation? >>
* Why Nest Could Be A Nightmare For Google >>
* Enblink dongle now lets you control your home appliances using voice commands >>

* The Tricky Problem Of Making Smart Fridges Smart >>
* China cloning on an ‘industrial scale’ using human technicians instead of machines >>
* Glimpsing the Meta-Intelligence of the Future >>

* This orb-shaped solar power device works on the cloudiest days >>
* Google Drive just got an activity stream that details everything you do >>
* Watch NASA’s Amazing Monkey Robot Walk, Climb and Clear Obstacles >>

* $20 smartphones and $35 tablets will ensure more than one smart device for everyone >>
* Six Years After Chemical Ban, Fewer Female Snails Are Growing Penises >>
* An Infection Turns Swarming Locusts Into Solitary Grasshoppers, Study Finds >>

* Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘Cosmos’ reboot hits FOX on March 9th >>
* Should you drink coffee before or after a learning task? >>
* Our Brains Have a Map for Numbers >>

* Mobiles phones powered by WIND TURBINES: ‘Micro-windmills’ >>
* Breaking the mold to recycle old satellites >>

* Proxima Centauri, Nearest Star to Sun, Seen by Hubble Telescope (Photo) >>
* Motorola Reveals a Crazy Future Flexible, Rollable Smartphone >>
* Is the Aging Workforce Really Creating Your Skill Shortages? >>

* Cobalt catalysts allow researchers to duplicate the complicated steps of photosynthesis: >>
* Umoove Launches iOS Game To Make The Case For A Face-Tracking Gesture Interface On Mobile >>
* Injection Gives You 30 Minutes of Oxygen Without Breathing >>

* Watch A Computer Try To Learn How To Walk >>
* The PC’s Death Might Also Mean the Web’s Demise >>
* Welcome To The Net Neutrality Nightmare Scenario >>

* This 14-Year-Old Coding Prodigy Raised $US200,000 For His Budding Tech Empire >>
* IBM Looks to Outsmart Big Data Competition With Watson >>
* You Are Where You Live >>

* Toyota’s New Sports Car Concept Has The Coolest Mirrors We’ve Ever Seen >>
* Linking Human Brains >>
* “Neuroscience for a New Age: How Brain Science Will Shape Our Future” >>

* The smart life: How connected cars, clothes and homes could fry your brain >>
* Fly Over the Floodplains of Mars >>
* Google Takes A Cue From The Apple Playbook With Nest >>

* Wearable craze adds skin sensitivity to the list of considerations for gadget buyers >>
* Nest CEO Tony Fadell on Google acquisition >>
* Google buys Nest for $3.2B — its key to the connected home? >>

The only way the “connected home” is going to become a reality is if 1) all the gadgets (smoke detectors, thermostat, security system, dishwashers, etc.) share a common O.S., 2) if they do all of the setup and thinking for you so there’s no headache-inducing * user setup process every time you add something, 3) if they only cost slightly more than “dumb” counterparts, and 4) if they are totally unhackable, and 5) if they actually do useful stuff that average people can tangibly see. I think the big companies Google, Apple and Samsung are actually behind the curve on this one, though they’ll get the formula right this decade. I’d like to see an “Android” O.S. for homes, which will unleash third party apps and gadgets that run the O.S.

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