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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 January 2014 (2nd Edition CES overload)

* MakerBot Unleashes Giant 3D Printer That Prints 10 Items at Once >>
* Solar-powered cooler could keep contents cold indefinitely: >>
* World’s First Commercially Available Self-Driving Car Launches >>
* Samsung has a bendable TV that can go from curved to flat at push of button >>

* Intel has debuted its own prototype Smart Watch >>
* Intel announces Edison, a computer the size of an SD card >>
* Intel; Smart headphones. Smart headset. Smart bowl. Smart watch. >>

* Intel unveils Jarvis, a smart headset >>
* Intel partners with Barney’s and other fashion leaders on smart wristwear >>
* Intel confirms Dual OS computers that switch between Windows and Android >>
* Intel is scanning, manipulating, and printing a tiny doll live on stage during its keynote. >>

* 3D Augmented-Reality Makeup Mirror Could Transform Beauty Shopping >>
* This Is What The Year Your Life Changes Looks Like >>
* Ozobot lets you play iPad games with an “intelligent” robot >>

* RealSense: How Intel Will Turn the Whole World Into a Hologram >>
* Mock Mars Mission: Complete Coverage of Crew 133 at the Mars Desert Research Station >>

* SpaceX launches Thai satellite into orbit and is the second successful commercial launch in about 35 days >>
* U.S. May Soon Require Cars Be Able To Talk To Each Other >>
* Growing not just human organs but organs from your own skin cells inside pigs in Japan for the ultimate solution to organ replacement >>

* Water Vapor Will Be the Only Emission From Toyota’s New Fuel Cell Car >>
* RealSense: How Intel Will Turn the Whole World Into a Holodeck >>

* LG reveals massive plans for webOS TV platform >>
* Long Now Seminar Videos for Everyone >>
* Epson Debuts Smart Glasses For Enterprise And Sports Stadium Fun >>

* Epson Announces Line Of Wrist Health Trackers With Exercise Heart Rate Monitoring >>
* MakerBot unveils the Replicator Mini and Z-18, its biggest and smallest 3D printers yet >>
* Topic 473: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014 >>

* CES 2014: GM and AT&T Blur Line Between Car and Smartphone >>
* Sony Debuts 4K Camcorder That Costs Just $2,000 >>
* Sony’s New Action Camera Is 5 Cams in One >>

* Sony Jumps Into Fitness Trackers With SmartBand >>
* Sony Doubles Down On Wearable Tech With The Life-Tracking ‘Core’ >>
* Hop On This Robot: It will Shuttle You Around Town >>

* Toshiba cares not for 4K, has an ultra-wide 5K TV ready for CES >>
* Rebuilds Scooba Robot Mop With 3x the Power >>
* Watch Michael Bay melt down onstage at CES >>

“The average Dreamworks movie today consists of over a half a billion files.”

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 January 2014 (A) >>

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