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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 January 2014

* Nvidia debuts 192-core Tegra K1 processor >>
* Neatamo’s June bracelet gives you sunscreen suggestions using weather and skin type >>
* Forget Fingerprints: EyeLock Myris Brings Eye Scanning to Devices >>

* Mother and Motion Cookies tracks daily life down to the last movement >>
* A Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Will Kick Off the 2014 World Cup >>

* South Korea develops world’s first cancer-treating nanorobot >>
* EyeLock’s new handheld iris scanner wants to lock down your home computer >>
* iOptik augmented reality contact lens prototype to be unveiled at CES >>

* Dacor’s smart oven range lets a smartphone control your stove >>
* Parrot reveals a new affordable flying drone and a two-wheeler built from the AR.Drone >>
* Artificial muscles turned into impressive haptic headphones >>

* Belkin comes out with a smart slow cooker >>
* Dacor’s smart oven range lets a smartphone control your stove >>
* World’s First Connected Toothbrush Will Keep Cavities Away >>

* Holi lamp lets you set the mood with your iPhone >>
* OKIDOKEYS is the latest smart lock to replace the deadbolt >>
* Suit up with PrioVR to control your video games with uncanny accuracy >>

* Smart Bracelet That Measures Sun Exposure Is Gorgeous >>
* Connected Toy Sphero 2B Will Make You Flip >>
* Kurio comes out with a parent-controlled smartphone for kids >>

* Meet Notch, the motion tracker that maps exactly how your body moves >>
* Parrot reveals new affordable flying drone and two-wheeler built from the AR.Drone >>
* Reseachers tap power in motion as energy alternative; With one stomp of his foot, Zhong Lin Wang illuminates a thousand LED bulbs >>

* Robot can catch balls! >>
* Playing Video Games With Your Eyes: Not As Cool As You’d Hope. Yet. >>
* Supervolcano eruption mystery solved >>

* Beyond GPS: Smartphones Get Smarter with Context Awareness at CES 2014 >>
* Wake Forest 3D Prints Skin Cells Onto Burn Wounds >>
* Researchers, Startups Hope One Drop of Blood Could Diagnose All Types of Cancer >>

* Using supercomputers in the hunt for ‘cheapium’ >>
* Quest to grow human organs inside pigs in Japan >>
* Reverse-engineering Hollywood >>

* How GPS Can Keep Track of Earthquakes and Flooding >>
* The Freaky, Bioelectric Future of Tattoos >>
* 2014 International CES >>

* Panasonic Life+Screen Smart TV: Can A Smart TV Actually Be Useful? >>
* Google launches Android-based Open Automotive Alliance with Audi, Honda, GM.. >>
* Liquid Image debuts the Ego LS, a wearable camera that streams over LTE >>

* LG’s new webOS TV and curved 105-inch UHDTV >>
* Amped Wireless outs WiFi extender boosts wireless coverage to 5,000 square feet >>
* OLEDs Could Control Light to Boost Li-Fi Bandwidth >>

* Lean into it: test driving Toyota’s i-Road concept car >>
* Your next phone might protect you from bacteria >>
* A Pill That Lets Adults Learn Perfect Pitch as Easily as Kids >>

* Wireless Internet Is Coming To Your Next Car >>
* Listening For the Earth’s Heartbeat Inside the World’s Deepest Hole >>
* The NSA Would Like Your Sewage >>

* LG Home Chat: One Service That Tells All Your Appliances What To Do >>
* Astonishing satellite image shows China covered with pollution >>
* It’s 2014 — does the term “geek” really have any meaning anymore? >>

* AT&T Brings Global LTE Connectivity to the Car >>
* Hyper-dense Pulsar May Nix Einstein’s Theory of Gravity –New NRAO Discovery >>
* From Wearables, Drones To Curved Smartphones And Purple-Hued Gadgets, CES 2014 Showcase >>

* Sharp is teasing a 3D-ready, 85-inch 8K display at CES, no glasses required >>
* LG Earphones Track Your Heart Rate >>
* Small Drone Probes Antarctic Ice With Radar >>

* What’s cool at CES 2014: Robots, headbands & bulbs >>
* LG unveils G Flex curved smartphone >>
* New chips equipped for 4K video streaming >>

* A lot is riding on today’s SpaceX rocket launch >>
* Nvidia promotes new chip with crop circle >>
* New smart home tech will care for your loved ones >>

* AT&T to sell toll-free service for wireless data >>
* Tech companies take on the ‘connected home’ >>
* Now, taste food shown on your computer screen >>

* Apple buys iPhone camera app SnappyCam >>
* App Developers See Smartwatches As The Next Big Thing >>
* Mind-Controlled Technology, Paralyzed Teen May Make First Kick At2014 World Cup >>

* Medical Advances Predicted >>
* This Is Where You Feel You Feel, Are our emotions universal? >>
* LG’s Curved Phone That Can Heal Itself From Scratches Is Coming To The US Soon >>

* The iPhone 6 Will Be Impossibly Thin, According To Gossip Out Of Asia >>
* ZIO Wireless Patch May Be Better Option for Cardiac Arrhythmia Diagnosis >>
* Company rolls out Apples iBeacon to grocery stores >>

* CES 2014: Withings sensors promise ‘smarter sleep’ >>
* Human ingenuity has created a world that the mind cannot master >>
* Why 2014 could be the most interesting year in technology in a long time >>

* Quarter billion pixel display! >>
* Withings Wants To Wake You Up Right And Provide True Sleep Tracking With The Aura >>

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