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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 December 2013

* Scientists draw up definitive list of genes that makes us human >>
* The Next Generation of DSL Can Pump 1Gbps Through Copper Phone Lines >>
* Let This Amazing Hydrophobic Shirt Keep You Dry, You Slob >>

* 1-Femtojoule Optical Interconnect Paves the Way for Low-Power, High Performance Chips >>
* PET scans and saxitoxin allow researchers to ‘see’ pain >>
* Older Women May Spend Two-Thirds of Their Day Sitting >>

* Here’s the one thing someone needs to invent before the internet of things can take off >>

* Cellulose nanocrystals found to have stiffness of steel >>
* Data Mining Exposes Embarrassing Problems For Massive Open Online Courses >>
* Cells taken from the retina are inkjet-printed for the first time >>

* Andreessen Horowitz’s What To Watch In 2014 >>
* Andreessen Horowitz On Why It’s Betting On Drones, Bitcoin and 3D Printing >>

* New telescope techniques allow for imaging binary stars, may soon image exoplanets >>
* Brave New World >>
* Pardon the Disruption: The Future You Never Saw Coming >>

* 3D augmented-reality holograms are finally here (almost) >>
* NeuroGaming 2014 Conference and Expo >>
* Pacemaker that is ten times smaller can be implanted without surgery >>

* Could China Make claims to the Moon that could trigger a new space race ? >>
* University of Twente provides breakthrough critical technology for superconductivity in fusion reactor >>
* Biodegradable Batteries to Power Smart Medical Devices >>

* Video: The Physics Of Emperor Penguin Huddles >>
* Why A Cholesterol-Reading Smartphone App Is Totally Not Worth It >>
* Google+ Thinks the Account It Personally Set Up for Neil Gaiman Is Fake >>

* Nope. Oxytocin isn’t going to become the “trust me” drug. >>
* Google Glass Just Made Winking the Creepiest Way to Creepshot >>
* Google Glass Getting A Face Recognition App This Month, But It Won’t Get Google’s Blessing >>

* Scientists Make More Eye Cells – With An Inkjet Printer >>
* Glyph is a high-res wearable display headed to Kickstarter for $499 >>
* Your Wireless Router Could Be Murdering Your Houseplants ? >>

* NASA crushes a huge fuel tank with a million pounds of force for science >>
* At Most Contagious conference, a 2013 review, from selfies to new ways of selling >>

* A Novel Heat Pump Designed To Chill Your Beer And Wine >>

* Bone from human-like hand is 1.4 million years old >>
* ‘Robot Olympics’: 17 Cyborg Athletes to Vie for Glory in DARPA Challenge >>
* 2013 review: The year’s biggest news at a glance >>

* ‘Approximate computing’ improves efficiency, saves energy >>
* For China, moon voyage signals something greater >>
* JPL to test new supersonic decelerator technology >>

* Hulu tops 5 million subscribers, $1B in revenue >>

* Bitcoin prices tumble on China crackdown >>
* 2013:Tech gadgets and gear that made a mark >>

* This 400-Pound Robot Transforms Into A Tank And Saves Lives >>
* There’s A Good Chance Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone Will Be Made Out Of Plastic >>
* What These 7 Billionaires Did In Their First Jobs >>

* $23 million to create a nanoscale ‘window into the body’ >>
* DNA motor ‘walks’ along nanotube, transports tiny particle >>

* I may send you a text message using my perfume >>
* Vision for the Self-Aware Machine from @PARCinc >>
* Despite Amazon’s Big Plans, the Feds Are Grounding the Drone Industry >>

* This ‘smart cuff’ may one day save you from a heart attack >>
* DIY Space Flight by 2020, Says Danish Firm >>

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