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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 December 2013

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* Budget space trips planned from Canary Islands >>
* Use Your Smartphone to Lift Heavy Objects With MyLifter >>
* IFTTT can now automate actions based on your iPhone’s location >>

* AT&T Invents New Technology to Detect and Ban Filesharing >>
* Watch This: The Chinese Rover Landing and First Moon Photos >>
* Why Google bought robot-maker Boston Dynamics >>

* One new physics theory suggests no Big Bang another suggests Higgs could start a Big Crunch at any moment >>
* Scientists discover hidden code in DNA >>
* Elon Musk Provides More Details of his thinking on Mars Colonization >>

* MIT Zooms in on 3-D Enigmas of RNA –“Not Obeying Rules of Thermodynamics in Living Cells” >>
* Thousands Of Supermassive Black Holes Could Lurk In New X-Ray Data >>
* Water Vapor Detected Above Europa >>

* These New Sensors Will Turn Passenger Jets Into Flying Weathervanes >>
* This “Lab On A Chip” Can Identify A Pill’s Ingredients >>
* You Can Now 3D Print a Fully Functional Speaker >>

* Don’t Believe a Word of Last Night’s 60 Minutes NSA Interview >>
* Interview: Ask Alan Adler About Flying Toys and the Perfect Cup of Coffee >>
* What Your Cellphone Is Telling Retailers About You >>

* Cover Is a Smart Lock Screen that Always Shows You the Apps You Need >>
* Philips Flattens the Light Bulb >>
* How Draper Fisher Jurvetson Helps Startups Like Twitter And Tesla Grow >>

* The Internet of iThings: Apple’s iBeacon Is Already In Almost 200 Million iPhones And iPads >>
* Aging cells unravel their DNA >>
* Scientists identify molecular biomarkers of vaccine immunity >>

* 500Mbps gets ITU first stage approval >>
* A mouse model to evaluate potential age-promoting compounds >>
* Maybe not sci-fi, but robots readied for big tests >>

* VIDEO: Why did Google buy robotics firm? >>
* VIDEO: Google buys ‘animal’ robot maker >>
* Moon rover sends back first photos >>

* Google moves into military robotics realm >>
* Oculus Rift Games, Virtual Porn May Cause Simulation Sickness >>
* Here Are All The Crazy Military Robots Google Just Bought >>

* ’60 Minutes’ Is Getting Shredded For Its ‘Embarrassing’ Report On The NSA >>
* Engineers make strides toward artificial cartilage >>
* Iran Says It Launched a Second Monkey Into Space (Video) >>

* The Naked Future—A World That Anticipates Your Every Move >>
* Non biological brains >>

* Briefly Profitable Litecoin mining via Amazon Cloud Services and clever coding >>
* Infinity Rooms: Mirrored Spaces Reflect Endless Starlight >>
* Google Buys Boston Dynamics, Creator Of Big Dog and other Military Robots >>

* Amazon will release original shows in 4K >>
* Kinematics lets you make flexible, 3D-printed objects at home >>
* Disruptions: Internet’s Sad Legacy: No More Secrets >>

* Science of ‘Her’: we’re going to start falling in love with our computers >>
* The Most Unusual Musical Instruments in the World >>
* Because LinkedIn doesn’t cut it, Doximity builds a recruiting tool for doctors >>

* Team grows kidney from stem cells >>
* Thinking in Silicon >>
* Open-Source Lab: How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs >>

* Choosing The Right Cloud Provider For Your MongoDB Database >>
* What is the purpose of the Universe? Here is one possible answer. >>

* Scientists discover potential vaccine for malaria >>
* Are you an expert in machine learning? Facebook is hiring >>

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