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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 December 2013

* Ramez Naam, Computer Scientist, Futurist & Award-Winning Author – LeWeb’13 Paris – >>
* whats-next-glimpse-into-future-of Technology >>

* Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code >>
* Employment Avatars: The Automation solution >>
* Hydrogen squeezed from stone could be new energy source >>

* Evidence mounts for gene therapy as treatment for heart failure >>
* Singularity University: Humanity Has Entered An Era Of Rapidly Accelerated Change >>
* New York Tests Laser Detection System For Subway Tracks >>

* Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities beyond Normal Limits >>
* Nanobiopsy Technique Samples A Cell Without Killing It >>
* Deep sequencing of breast cancer tumors predict outcomes after single dose of therapy >>

* Temperature-sensitive gel scaffold regenerates craniofacial bone >>
* High-accuracy 3D motion-tracking through walls >>
* Plasma Physics Fusion Work say they expect feasibility will be shown within two years with adequate funding >>

* World’s Smallest Pacemaker Can Be Implanted without Surgery >>
* 3D modeling system for easily displaying complex congenital heart conditions >>
* NASA Weighs Spacewalk To Fix Cooling Problem On Station >>

* China’s 1st Moon Rover Mission to Attempt Lunar Landing: Here’s What It Could Do >>
* Do Astronauts Get ‘Space Lag’? | ISS Update Video >>
* Watch how scary fast an epidemic would spread disease across the world >>

* Graphene Production Combined Into One-Step Method for Wafer-Scale Films >>
* Video Friday: REEM-C, Bots of the Past, and Drones Hear Your Screams >>
* Microsoft joins the FIDO Alliance to put an end to passwords >>

* APS Argues to Extend Lifespan of Nuclear Reactors to 80 Years >>
* Contextual Lockscreen Cover Hits Google Play Boasting Less Battery Drain And 100 More Upgrades >>
* Why GE And Others Are Investing In The Internet Of Things >>

* Facebook turns to machine learning >>
* Could humans live to 500 years old? Scientists believe genetic tweaks could significantly extend lifespan >>

* What is a Smart Grid? >>
* Machine-learning algorithms could make chemical reactions intelligent >>
* Oculus snags $75M in funding for VR headset >>

* Tap an app to switch on your lights >>
* 10 smartphone must-have features >>
* NSA review to leave spying programs largely unchanged, reports say >>

* These Concept Videos For The ‘iPhone Air’ And The ‘iPhone 6C’ Are Amazing, But Probably Impossible >>
* Google Will Now Only Charge For Ads That People Can Actually See >>
* the 2040s >>
* Duke engineers make strides toward artificial cartilage >>

* Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid >>
* Yellowstone’s Megavolcano is more than twice the beast we feared >>
* Take a trip over Titan’s massive methane-filled lakes >>

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