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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 December 2013

* LeWeb videos >>
* Robert Scoble & Andy Grignon – LeWeb’13 Paris – The Next 10 Years – Plenary1 Day2 >>
* DNA Laser Printing >>

* Matternet; next paradigm for transportation; networks of small unmanned flying vehicles >>
* Exclusive demo: The new Photosynth lets you swoop through 3D panoramas >>

* The Artificial Intelligence Arms Race in Silicon Valley Is On >>
* Bots ‘take up 61% of net traffic’ >>
* What the terrifying future of a drone police force would look like >>

* Problem hits ISS cooling system >>
* #SUExecProgram >>

* Navy’s Next Missile Launcher Spins Like a Revolver Barrel >>

* Shoes of the future? 3D printed slip-ons could one day regenerate so never wear out >>
* I am Kevin Kelly, radical techno-optimist and co-founder of Wired magazine. >>

* Government agency compromised by fake Facebook hottie >>
* BLE Beacons: Here Comes Everybody >>
* Turning off major memory switch dulls memories >>

* Why Wait for NASA? Let’s Start Planning a Manned Mission to Europa Now >>
* 9 Top Tech Breakthroughs of 2013 >>

* A Pen That 3-D Prints Bone Right Onto Patients >>
* A 3-D Printed, Hand-Cranked Computer >>
* 3-D printed implants may soon fix complex injuries >>

* The-verge-50 >>
* NYC testing lasers that detect when people fall onto subway tracks >>
* The first smartring has an LED screen, tells time, and accepts calls >>

* Could virtual wall build an invisible barrier for oil spills and stop the spread? >>
* Forcing cancer cells to shape-shift stops them from migrating, Mayo Clinic >>
* Water drops slide off of any surface coated with Nelum >>

* NeuroPace: Controlling Epilepsy With a Brain Implant >>
* OpenBCI opens up low-cost brain-wave-controlled experimentation to everyone >>
* Simple Text-Message Encryption Tool Broadens Base >>

* Plastic Lasers Starting to Shine >>
* Doctorow warns government surveillance could lead to “internet hell” >>
* IRIS Satellite Images Shake up Solar Science >>

* Eye-Fi’s Windows desktop receiver means you can say goodbye to the SD-card reader >>
* Software May Be Eating The World, But Open Source Software Is Eating Itself >>
* Army successfully tests vehicle-mounted laser weapon >>

* First Lasing Nanofibres Open The Way For Cheap, Soft Laser Textiles >>
* New Zeland Immigration Acts Like The Stasi – Snowden Fallout? >>
* Europa: Minerals from an Ancient Impact? >>

* Samsung Patents Curvier Flex Screen Phone and Concept TV >>
* MIT’s 3D motion tracking tech can see you through walls, no camera needed >>
* Salt Spray May Prove Most Feasible Geoengineering >>

* 100 gigabits/s connection accelerates Transatlantic research >>
* Unlock your phone with your FACE: software lets Android owners use their head as PIN >>
* Will using Bitcoin to buy sex trigger a financial revolution? >>

* Molecular clouds in the whirlpool galaxy appear to be embedded in fog >>
* Video: The Webb Space Telescope’s sunshield >>
* 200-Kilometer-High Jets of Water Discovered Shooting From Europa >>

* A new species of horse, 4.4 million years old >>
* Space station cooling system shuts down, but no emergency, says NASA >>
* Universe Really Is a Hologram According to New Simulations >>

* Can Microbes Clean Up Our Oily Mess? [Video] >>
* Jupiter moon spouts water into space >>
* TESLA: We Will Probably Reveal Our Mass Market Car At The 2015 Detroit Auto Show >>

* Nissan’s ‘Taxi Of Tomorrow’ >>
* DARPA designs giant foldable satellite capable of surveiling 40% of Earth (VIDEO) >>
* From Star Trek to Siri: How the Machine-Reading Revolution will dictate the future >>

* Dinosaur asteroid ‘sent life to Mars’ >>
* Cash will be obsolete in three years claims PayPal >>
* Bitcoin and the future of money: >>

* How I introduced a 27-year-old computer to the web >>
* China’s analog X-ray machines are gobbling up US film supply >>

Le web quote; only thing that’s important these days in business/tech is to be relevant and innovating into the future!

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